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100 rue de Courcelles, 75017 Paris, France

Business Overview

-The Company designs, produces, and sells components, systems and modules for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, focusing on the reduction of CO2 emissions and the development of assisted and autonomous driving.

-The Company is comprised of four Business Groups, which are further divided into several Product Groups:

Business Group Product Groups Major Competitors
Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems -Driving Assistance
-Intuitive Controls
-Connected Cars
-Robert Bosch
-Tokai Rika
Powertrain Systems -Powertrain Electrification Systems
-Transmission Systems
-Powertrain Actuator and Sensors
-Aisin (BluE Nexus)
Robert Bosch
-LuK (Schaeffler group)
Thermal Systems -Thermal Climate Control
-Thermal Powertrain and Batteries
-Thermal Compressor
-Thermal Front End
-Thermal Commercial Vehicles
Visibility Systems -Lighting Systems
-Wiper Systems
-Robert Bosch
-Koito Manufacturing

-The Company is among the global leaders in all of its businesses, ranking first in wiper systems, lighting systems, electrical systems, transmission systems, and driving assistance systems. The Company ranks second in the areas of thermal powertrain systems, thermal climate control systems, interior control systems and telematics.


-The Company is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange  (As of Feb. 24, 2022)
Major Shareholders % of share capital
Bpifrance Participations 5.19
BlackRock Inc. 5.16
Harris Associates 5.11
Dassault Group 5.04
Employee share ownership 3.05
Others 76.45
Total 100.00


Powertrain Systems
Powertrain Electrification Systems
-Lithium-ion batteries
-Belt-driven starter generators
-12V starter generators
-48V starter generators
-Battery management systems
-On-board battery chargers
-Electric superchargers
-48V electric superchargers
-Electric retarders for trucks and buses
-Stop-start systems
-Electric rear axle drives
-Crankshaft motor generators
-Gearbox motor generators
-48V starter-alternators
-12 V and 48 V mild-hybrid solutions
-High-power plug-in hybrid vehicle solutions above 60 V
-Full hybrid/rechargeable hybrid systems
-Electronic control units
-DC-DC converters
-On-board chargers
-Battery voltage stabilizers
-Charging stations
-Complete engine management systems for gasoline and diesel engines
-Engine control units
-Electric motor drives
-Ignition components
-Emission control systems
-Range extenders
-Air circuits
-Exhaust gas recirculation valves
-EGR valves with air intake module and water charge air cooler
-EGR valves with air intake module, water charge air cooler and electric supercharger

Powertrain Actuators and Sensors
-Clutch master cylinders
-Clutch slave cylinders
-Clutch pipes
-Vibration cancellers
-Concentric slave cylinders
-Dual concentric slave cylinders
-Displacement sensors
-Gear speed sensors
-Gear shift cylinders
-Gear shift modules
-Electric transmission oil pumps
-Hydraulic actuators

Transmission Systems
-Cover assemblies
-Clutch facings
-Release bearings
-Hydraulic clutch actuators
-Dry dual-clutch systems
-Wet dual-clutch systems
-Dual mass flywheels
-Flexible flywheels
-Systems for automated manual transmissions
-Torque converters
-Electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic actuators
-Blade dampers
-Dry double clutches

Thermal Systems
Thermal Climate Control
-Air-conditioning systems and modules; air-conditioning loops and modules, including evaporators and heater cores
-Dual-layer HVAC systems
-Ultra-thin HVAC systems
-Decentralized interior comfort modules; rear air conditioning devices, boosters, additional comfort modules
-Aquairius cooling mist diffusers
-Positive temperature coefficient heaters for hybrid and electric vehicles
-Holistic Entelligence climate control systems for buses with lightweight air conditioning and advanced power electronics
-FlexHeater flexible surface heating systems
-Energy-storage evaporators for mild-hybrid vehicles or vehicles with stop-start systems
-Thermodynamic heating systems utilizing heat-pump principles or fully electric vehicles
-Air quality products; air filtration and purification systems
-Ultra-high performance filters
-Cabin filters
-Pollution sensors
-Air purifiers
-Thermal bus systems
-Heat exchangers
-Heat pumps
-Radiant heated surfaces
-Encapsulated air flow modules
-R-744 air conditioning systems
-Air distribution shutter systems

Thermal Powertrain
-Thermal management systems for powertrains
-Battery thermal management systems
-Cooling modules
-Flat and light engine cooling modules
-Water-cooled condensers
-Composite battery casings
-Water-circuit coolers for battery cells
-Lateral battery coolers in low-profile pouch cells
-Battery plate liquid coolers
-Brushless fan systems
-Exhaust gas recirculation cooling systems
-Exhaust gas coolers
-Heater cores
-Charge air coolers
-Plastic water charge air coolers
-Fuel coolers
-Oil exchangers
-Oil temperature management systems
-Fans/Motor systems
-Charge air cooler modules
-Front end modules
-Active Grille Shutters
-Radiator tanks
-Air intake modules
-A/C black boxes

Thermal Compressor
-Pallet compressors
-Fixed-cylinder compressors
-Variable cylinder compressors
-Electric and scroll technology compressors
-External control compressors
-Universal compressors

Thermal Front End
-Modules which include fan motors, heat exchangers, lighting systems, safety features, horn, cables, radar and cameras
-Lightweight bolsters
-Electronically controlled shutters
-Safe and green front ends

Thermal Commercial Vehicles
-Roof-mounted air conditioning units
-Split air conditioners
-Heating systems based off heat-pump principles
-Positive temperature coefficient heaters
-Heating systems using alternative energy sources
-Ventilation systems
-Roof hatch systems

Driving Assistance Systems
Driving Assistance
-360Vue multi-camera systems
-Front camera systems
-Sightstream camera wing mirror replacement systems
-Xtravue Trailer rear view camera systems
-Lane change assistance systems
-Cross traffic alert systems
-LaneGuide lane departure warning systems
-Semi-automatic parking assistance systems
-Park4U automated parking systems
-Cruise4U automated driving systems
-Road sign detection systems
-Automated high/low-beam switching systems
-Emergency braking systems
-Ultrasonic sensors
-Infrared sensors
-Radar sensors
-Rain-light-humidity sensors
-Infrared laser scanners
-SCALA laser scanners
-Scalable control unit architecture
-Domain controllers

Connected Car
-Short-range hands-free access and start systems
-Long-range connectivity through telematic systems to mobile phone networks
-Access to car sharing services and remote parking systems
-Body controllers
-4G and 5G telematics modules
-Passive entry and start systems
-InBlue passive entry and start systems utilizing Bluetooth
-V2X communication systems
-Personal voice assistance systems
-Vehicle acoustic solutions

Intuitive Controls
-Top column modules
-Cabin comfort controls and control panels
-Steering angle sensors; angle and torque sensors
-Electronic control units
-Integrated faceplates
-Steering column switch modules
-Window lift switches
-HMI systems such as switches or touchscreens
-Displays with Thin-Film Transistor technology
-Touchscreens with haptic feedback technology
-Driver monitoring systems
-Intelligent steering-wheel controls
-Steering wheel switches
-Steering sensors
-Torque angle sensors
-Interior cameras
-Smart faceplates

Visibility Systems
Lighting Systems
-Main and auxiliary headlamps; halogen and Xenon
-LED front lighting systems
-BiLED Access Matrix module combining high- and low-beam functions
-Matrix beam lighting
-Adaptive front lighting systems
-Fog lights
-LED daytime running lamps
-ThinLens monofunction lighting modules
-Leveling devices and lamp wipers
-Lighting controllers
-Rear lighting including LED rear lamps and center high-mounted stop lamps
-Cabin lighting
-Adaptable interior and ambient lighting systems
-OLED surface lighting
-PeopLED affordable lighting solutions
-Cigar lighters
-LED rear lighting systems
-Lighting system control electronics
-Monolithic LEDs
-Illuminated logos and grilles
-Communication-capable lighting systems

Wiper Systems
-Reversible motors
-Wash systems
-Front and rear wiper modules
-Electronic wiper systems
-Flat, hybrid, and traditional arm and blade sets
-Clean4U remote windshield defrosting and cleaning systems
-AquaBlade digital camera wiper solution to provide unobstructed view for automated vehicles
-Optical sensor cleaning systems
-Dual direct drive motors
-Complete wiper systems
-Solenoid valves


Feb. 1923 Incorporated in France.
1985 Established Societe Holding International B.V. (Netherlands) by a transfer of capital shares from Fraymon (Spain), Valeo S.p.A. (Italy), and Valeo Inc. (U.S.). The new subsidiary was set up to eventually own all Valeo group interests in foreign affiliates.
Established the subsidiaries Valeo Distribution and Societe Holding Valeo do Brasil (Brazil).
1986 Sold interest in SCBP Group and acquired Allevard Industries.
1988 Acquired the car and truck HVAC equipment operations for Ford, Autolatina of Brazil.
Acquired Tibbe KG, a West German supplier of steering wheel locking devices.
Increased interest in Clausor to 90%
1989 Acquired G. Cartier Systemes, France.
Acquired Blackstone Corp.
Acquired Delanair, and renamed company as Valeo Climate Control.
1993 Fully consolidated Valeo Pyeong Hwa, previously a proportionally consolidated joint venture.
Divested Three Star, an engine cooling system company based in South Korea.
Formed joint venture with Seiko-Seiki, based in Japan, to produce and market air compressors for air conditioning systems.
1994 Acquired 100% of Borg Instruments (Germany), a specialist in automotive electronics and manufacturer of information systems and displays.
Sold interest in Usimolde from its Engine Cooling division
Formed 50:50 joint venture called Nobel Plastiques Climatisation.
1995 Acquired Thermal, a German company, through Valeo Kimasysteme.
Signed an agreement with Siemens AG to merge the automotive heating and air-conditioning system businesses of the two companies.
Spun off electric motors business for climate control applications into a new joint subsidiary, Siemens Automotive Moteurs Electriques.
1996 Acquired Fist, an Italian manufacturer of automotive door handles and locks, and renamed company as Valeo Sicurezza Abitacolo.
Acquired 40% interest in Il Tevere, which controls 52% of the capital of Mirgor, an Argentinian manufacturer of cooling systems.
Acquired automobile locking and anti-theft systems business of Ymos.
Acquired alternator and starter businesses of China-based SAEW.
1997 Acquired Univel in Brazil.
Set up Nanjing Valeo Clutch Company, a 50:50 joint venture with Yuejin Motor Corporation to manufacture clutches at Nanjing for both domestic and foreign automakers in China.
Acquired Sagar-Richards, based in the U.K.
Formed 50:50 joint venture in North America with Osram Sylvania for lighting systems called Valeo Sylvania.
Formed 50:50 joint venture with Amalgamations Ltd called Amalgamations Valeo Clutch Limited to produce clutch systems.
Formed joint venture with Anand called Valeo Friction Materials of India Ltd. to produce clutch facings.
Formed 50:50 joint venture with Yujin Motor Corporation called Nanjing Valeo Clutch Company to manufacture clutches.
Sep. 1998 Acquired ITT Automotive Electrical Systems, a world leader in the manufacture of wiper systems components and products for EUR 1,560 million.
1999 Sold 50% interest in the German company Luk GmbH to INA Holding Schaeffler Group.
Sold Prismatic, a Brazilian manufacturer of headlamp glass lenses.
Sold 50% interest in Motrol, a Brazilian manufacturer of door latches.
Sold 30% interest in Siemens Automotive Moteurs Electriques.
Jul. 1999 Acquired the alternators and starters business of Mando Machinery Corporation based in Korea for EUR 150 million.
Oct. 1999 Signed memorandum of understanding with Zexel Corporation in the field of thermal systems.
Dec. 1999 Took over aftermarket sales in Europe of SWF wiper systems which were previously handled by Continental.
2000 Formed strategic alliance with Ichikoh, a Japanese lighting system company .
2005 Acquired the Engine Electronics division of Johnson Controls.
Increased stake in Ichikoh, the Japanese manufacturer of automotive lighting systems and mirrors, to 28.2%.
2007 Sold wiring harness business to Leoni.
2011 Acquired Niles from RHJ International SA and Nissan.
Acquired the Variable Torque Enhancement System (VTES) business of British automotive technology development company Controlled Power Technologies (CPT).
2012 Acquired 80% shareholding in Wuhu Ruby Automotive Lighting Systems from Wuhu Chery Technology, a subsidiary of Chery Automobile. Renamed Wuhu Valeo Automotive Lighting Systems.
Formed joint venture with V. Johnson Enterprises called Detroit Thermal Systems (DTS) to acquire the climate control business of Automotive Components Holdings (ACH).
Reached basic agreement with Ichikoh Industries to restructure their existing lighting businesses in China. The majority of each company's subsidiaries and affiliates in the country will be placed under the management of Valeo Ichikoh Holding Co., Ltd. 

Acquired entire stake held by Osram in their North American joint venture, Valeo Sylvania LLC, making it a wholly owned subsidiary
Sold 100% shares in Valeo's Access Mechanism Business to U-shin Ltd.
Acquired Eltek Electric Vehicles, which is a Norwegian company.
Valeo Japan Co., Ltd. merged Valeo Niles (Niles Co., Ltd.), its wholly owned subsidiary.
Established Wuxi Valeo Automotive Components Systems Co., Ltd. in China.
Dec. 2015 Acquired Spheros, a German supplier of air-conditioning systems for buses.
Acquired peiker, a German supplier of on-board telematics and mobile connectivity solutions.
2016 Acquired a stake in Navya, a company specializing in the development of autonomous shuttles.
Mar. 2016 Completed acquisition of Spheros, a manufacturer of air conditioning systems for buses.
Jun. 2016 Signed agreement to acquire FTE automotive, a manufacturer of clutch and gear actuators, for EUR 819.3 million.
Nov. 2016 Acquired 50% stake in CloudMade, a developer of data-driven automotive solutions.
Feb. 2017 Completed acquisition of Ichikoh, a major supplier of lamps and mirrors for the automotive market.
Feb. 2017 Acquired entire share capital of gestigon, a German start-up specializing in 3D image processing software
Oct. 2017 Completed acquisition of FTE automotive, a leading producer of clutch and gear actuators.
Nov. 2017 Confirmed the creation of a joint venture, Valeo-Kapec, with the South Korean group PHC Group.
Mar. 2021 Converted Company into a European Company (Societe Europeenne) registered with the Trade and Companies Register.

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