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338 Kuzetonoshiro-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8205, Japan

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-Has world’s top market share of both brushless DC motors and motors for automotive power steering, according to the Company’s data.

-Its products are in the following groups: precision small motors; products for automobiles, home appliances, commercial use, and industrial use; and parts for machine devices, electronics, and optics. Its automotive products include automotive motors (electric power-steering motors, brake motors) in-vehicle cameras, control valves, electric oil pumps.

-In the fiscal year that ended in March 2023, automotive products accounted for 23.2% of sales.

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2023 Business Overview of Japanese Suppliers

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-Moved to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market from April 2022 (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 14.70
Individual shareholder 8.60
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 5.21
Bank of Kyoto, Ltd. 4.31
S.N. Kosan 3.51
MUFJ Bank, Ltd. 2.58
Nippon Life Insurance Company 2.28
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company 2.22
Total 47.56



-In-wheel motor

  • For electric power steering systems, EPS
  • DCT motors
  • Seat slide motor

-Electrical water pumps
-Electrical oil pumps


NIDEC Motors & Actuators (Germany) GmbH


-Control valves for CVTs and ATs
-Linear Solenoid
-Duty Solenoid
-Linear Solenoid
-ON/OFF Solenoid
-Electric Oil Pump
-Electric Actuator

Nidec GPM
-Electrical water pumps
-Mechanical water pumps
-Electrical oil pumps
-Mechanical oil pumps
-Transmission oil pumps
-Switchable water pump
-Fully variable water pump
-Controlled water pump
-Thermal management module

-Stepping motors

-Ultra wide angle lens units
-Wide angle lenses
-Super-wide angle lenses
-Precision plastic parts
-Head-up display mirror drive unit
-Throttle actuator
-Suspension actuator

Nidec Elesys
-ISF  (Millimeter wave radar unit)
-LKAS  (Lane keep assist systems)
-ODS (Occupant detection systems)
-Power steering ECU
-VSA  (Vehicle stability assist unit)
-ESB (Electric servo brake units)


-Polygon laser scanner


Nidec Mobility
-Body control module
-Power window switch with an anti-pinching function
-Security entry products
-Electric power steering unit
-DC-DC converter for the idling stop system
-DC-DC converter for xEVs


July 1973 Established Nippon Densan Corporation (currently Nidec Corporation) in Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto.
Aug. 1973 Started production and sales of small precision AC motors.
Oct. 1984 Established the Shiga Plant (currently Nidec Siga Technical Center).
Nov. 1988 Listed its stock on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange, and the Kyoto Stock Exchange.
Mar. 1997 Took a stake in Tosok Corp.
Dec. 1997 Established Nidec Tosok (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
Sept. 1998 Listed the stock on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the first section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
Sept. 2001 Listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
May 2003 Relocated its Head Office and opened the Central Technical Laboratory.
Oct. 2003 Took a stake in Sankyo Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd. (currently Nidec Sankyo Corporation)
Feb. 2006 Established Nidec Automobile Motor (Zhejiang) Corp., a locally-incorporated company in China.
Dec. 2006 Established Nidec Motors & Actuators by acquiring the motor and actuator business of Valeo S.A.
Nov. 2009 Opened Shiga Technical Center's new main building.
Sep. 2010 Established Nidec Motor Corporation by acquiring the Motors & Controls business of Emerson Electric Co., an American company. Established Nidec Motor Holdings Corporation as its holding company.
Dec. 2010 Established Nidec India Private Limited as its sales subsidiary in India.
Apr. 2012 Established the Nidec Research and Development Center, Singapore in Singapore.
June 2012 Established Nidec Research And Development Center.
Sept. 2012 Established the Nidec Research and Development Center, Taiwan in Taiwan.
Oct. 2012 Nidec Sankyo Corporation acquired Korean manufacturer SCD Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2012 Took a stake in Nidec Kaiyu Auto Electric (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2013 Nidec Corporation establishes Nidec Automotive Motors Americas Corporation in the US to integrate its automotive motor business in the country’s market.
Jan. 2014 Nidec Sankyo Corporation purchases Mitsubishi Materials C.M.I. Corporation. (currently Nidec Sankyo CMI Corporation)
Nidec Research and Development Center, Japan opens its new building in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan.
Mar. 2014 Purchased Honda Elesys Co., Ltd. (Currently Nidec Elesys Corporation)
Feb. 2015 Acquired Gerate-und Pumpenbau GmbH Dr. Eugen Schmidt based in Germany (currently Nidec GPM GmbH).
Jul. 2015 Acquired China Tex Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Ltd.’s SR motor drive business (Renamed the company to Nidec (Beijing) Drive Technologies Co., Ltd.)
Sep. 2015 Nidec Sankyo acquired PT. Nagata Opto Indonesia.
Oct. 2015 Opened "Nidec Institute for Industrial Science".
May 2016 Withdrew listing on the New York Stock Market.
Dec. 2016 Acquired Canton Elevator, Inc. based in the USA.
Jan. 2017 Acquired the motor-drive business of Emerson Electric Co. based in the USA; and the electric generator business from the current Nidec Leroy-Somer Holding and Nidec Control Techniques Limited.
Mar. 2017 Opened the Headquarters ANNEX Global R&D Center
Mar. 2017 Acquired Vamco International, Inc. based in the USA.
Mar. 2017 Unified the Group’s corporate brand to Nidec
Jul. 2017 Acquired LGB Ellettropompe S.r.l based in Italy.
Jul. 2017 Acquired Germany-based Secop Group (currently Nidec Global Appliance Compressor Company)
Oct. 2017 Nidec Sankyo acquired the operations of Tokyo Maruzen Industry, Co., Ltd
Nov. 2017 Acquired DriveXpert GmbH, a company based in Germany
Feb. 2018 Opened a new production engineering wing in Seika, located in the Soraku area of Kyoto Prefecture.
Apr. 2018 Acquired Genmark Automation, Inc., a company based in the USA.
May. 2018 Established Nidec PSA emotors as a joint venture with PSA of France, to manufacture automotive traction motors.
Jul. 2018 Acquired CIMA S.p.A., a company based in Italy.
Aug. 2018 Acquired MS-Graessner GmbH & Co. KG, a company based in Germany.
Nov. 2018 Completion of tender offer for shares of Chaun-Choung Technology Corp., Taiwan
Feb. 2019 Acquired Systeme + Steuerungen GmbH, a company based in Germany.
Mar. 2019 Acquired DESCH Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, a company based in Germany.
Jul. 2019 Acquired Embraco, the compressor business of Whirlpool of the USA.
Oct. 2019 Established Guangzhou Nidec Automobile Drive System Co., Ltd. in China, a joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., to manufacture automotive traction motors.
Oct. 2019 Acquired Omron Automotive Electronics, establishing it as Nidec Mobility Corporation.
Nov. 2019 Acquired Roboteq, Inc. of the USA
Jun. 2020 Acquired the Delta-type compressor business operations of Secop Austria GmbH
Aug. 2021 Took over Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Machine Tool Co., Ltd., renaming it Nidec Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2022 Invested in OKK Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2022 Established Nidec Energy AS jointly with Freyr Battery of Norway.
Feb. 2023 Acquired PAMA S.p.A based in Italy.
Mar. 2023 Nidec Copal Electronics (currently Nidec Components Co., Ltd.) acquired Midori Precisions
Apr. 2023 Adopted the corporate name Nidec Co., Ltd., with subsidiaries in Japan adding the name to their corporate names. 

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