BorgWarner Inc.

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3850 Hamlin Rd, Auburn Hills, Michigan, 48326, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is an automotive supplier specializing in manufacturing components and systems to improve the performance, efficiency and environmental qualities for powertrains of combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles.

-The Company is organized into four reporting segments as follows:

  • Air Management: This segment develops and manufactures systems to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and improve performance. Its products include turbochargers, eBoosters, eTurbos, timing systems, emission systems, thermal systems, battery modules, battery packs, and battery charging.
  • e-Propulsion & Drivetrain: This segment develops and manufactures systems to meet the needs of increasing vehicle electrification, with technologies including rotating electrical components, power electronics, control modules, and friction and mechanical products for automatic transmissions and torque-management products.
  • Fuel Injection: This segment develops and manufactures gasoline and diesel fuel injection components and systems, including pumps, injectors, fuel rail systems, and complete systems.
  • Aftermarket: This segment sells products to independent aftermarket customers, primarily focusing on fuel injection products, electronics, engine management products, maintenance products, test equipment, and vehicle diagnostics.

-Following the Delphi Technologies acquisition in October 2020, the Company reorganized its management reporting structure. Previously, the Company reported its results under two reporting segments, Engine and Drivetrain, which are now combined for reporting purposes with portions of Delphi Technologies and referred to as Air Management and e-Propulsion & Drivetrain, respectively. The former Delphi Technologies Powertrain Products segment was integrated into the Air Management segment, and the former Delphi Technologies Electronics & Electrification segment was integrated into the e-Propulsion & Drivetrain segment. The remaining Delphi Technologies segments comprise two additional reporting segments, which are referred to as Fuel Injection and Aftermarket.

-On June 4, 2021, the Company completed the voluntary public takeover for the shares of AKASOL AG, resulting in the ownership of 89% of AKASOL’s outstanding shares. The Company paid approximately EUR 648 million in this transaction. The Company had purchased additional shares of AKASOL after the transaction, increasing its ownership to 93% by December 31, 2021. On February 10, 2022, the Company completed the registration of a merger squeeze initiated on August 2, 2021, resulting in 100% ownership of AKASOL. AKASOL’s operations have been integrated into the Company’s Air Management segment.



-The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Combustion vehicle systems
-AWD Couplings
-AWD Transfer Cases
-Cross Axle Systems
-HY-VO® Driveline Chains
-Wastegate Turbochargers
Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG)
-Multistage Turbocharging Systems
-EGR Systems
-EGR Modules
-Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems
-Fuel Injection Systems
-Fuel Handling
-High Energy Ignition Coils
-Metal/Ceramic Glow Plugs
-Starters & Alternators
-High Voltage Air Heaters
-High Voltage Coolant Heaters
-Fan Drives
-Clutches and Dampers
-Transmission Control Systems
-Stop-Start-Accumulator and E-Clutch Actuator
-Cam Torque Actuated (CTA) Phasers
-iCTA: Intelligent Cam Torque Actuation
-Torsional Assist (TA) Phasers
-Oil Pump Actuated (OPA) Phasers

Hybrid vehicle systems
-eBoosterⓇ Electrically Driven Compressor
-eTurbo Electrically Assisted Turbocharger
-eTurbocompound Turbine-driven, Water-cooled Generator for Commercial Vehicles
-Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Waste Heat Recovery System for Commercial Vehicles
-EGR Systems
-EGR Modules
-Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems
-Fuel Handling
-Fuel Injection Systems
-Motor Controllers
-DC/DC Converters
-P0 Hybrid Architecture
-P1 Hybrid Architecture

  • HVH Series Electric Motor

-P2 Hybrid Architecture

  • P2 On-Axis Hybrid Module
  • P2 Off-Axis Hybrid Module
  • HY-VO® Driveline Chains

-P3 Hybrid Architecture
-P4 Hybrid Architecture

  • iDM: Integrated Drive Module

-Power Split (PS) Hybrid Architecture
-High Voltage Air Heaters
-High Voltage Coolant Heaters
-Fan Drives

Electric vehicle systems
-Battery Modules
-Battery Packs
-Ultra-high energy battery systems for commercial vehicles
-High power and high energy battery systems for commercial vehicles
-Ultra-high power battery systems for commercial vehicles
-48V battery systems for commercial vehicles
-EV Transmissions
HVH Series Electric Motor
-eAWD Drive Module 1 or 2 Speed
-On-Axis Electric Drive Module
-Integrated Drive Module eAxle
-Motor Controllers
-DC/DC Converters
-High Voltage Air Heaters
-High Voltage Coolant Heaters
-Fan Drives


1880 Morse Equalizing Spring Company, forerunner of Morse Chain, was founded.
1928 BorgWarner Corporation was formed. Founding companies included Borg & Beck, Marvel-Schebler, Warner Gear and Mechanics Universal Joint.
1929 Acquired Morse Chain.
1964 Established a joint venture, NSK-Warner with NSK Limited (Japan).
Apr. 1995 Purchased Precision Forged Products Division of Federal-Mogul Corporation.
1995 Entered into a joint venture with Divgi Metalwares Private Ltd.
Entered into a joint venture with Shiyan Automotive Transmission Factory ("Shiyan") in China. The venture is named Huazhong Warner Transmission Company Ltd.
Jun. 1996 Acquired Coltec Industries Inc.
1996 Three automotive business were acquired from Coltec industries, including Holley Automotive.
Oct. 1997 Acquired a 63% interest in Kuhnle, Kopp & Kausch A.G.
May 1998 Opened a new headquarter for Morse TEC Europe.
Oct. 1998 Acquired turbocharger business from AG Kuhnle.
Mar. 1999 Acquired Kuhlman Corp., a manufacturer of proprietary engine components, including turbochargers, fans, fan drives and other products.
May 1999 Formed Lapeer Warner LLC with Lapeer Metal Stamping Co. Inc.
Oct. 1999 Acquired the Fluid Power Division of Eaton Corporation, a manufacturer of powertrain cooling solutions.
May 2000 Formed a strategic alliance with Valeo Engine Cooling to collaborate on the development of cooling systems for light, medium and heavy truck engine vehicle applications.
Jun. 2001 Formed a 50-50 joint venture with Hitachi Ltd. Automotive Products Group. The JV, called Hitachi Warner Turbo Systems Ltd.
Sep. 2002 Established Morse TEC Korea, near Seoul.
Feb. 2007 Opened a new 34,000-square-foot European Drivetrain Competence Center in Ketsch, Germany.
Sep. 2009 Made BERU AG (Currently BorgWarner BERU Systems GmbH) its wholly-owned subsidiary.
Established BorgWarner United Transmission Systems, a joint venture with 12 automakers in China.
2010 Established China Technical Center in Shanghai, China.
Established a new facility to provide manufacturing, sales and engineering support for the Thermal Systems business in Chennai, India.
Acquired Dytech ENSA to expand its product portfolio in exhaust gas recirculation technologies.
2011 Acquired the Swedish-based Traction System division of Haldex AB.
2012 Established a new production plant and engineering center in Ningbo, Jiangsu Province, China.
Established a new factory and engineering center in Itatiba, Brazil.
Divested its spark plug business to Federal-Mogul Corporation.
2014 Acquired 100% of the equity interests in Gustav Wahler GmbH und Co. KG, a producer of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves, EGR tubes and thermostats.
Jan. 2015 Acquired remaining 51% of BERU Diesel Start Systems Pvt. Ltd., a glow plug manufacturer, from joint venture partner, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
Nov. 2015 Acquired Remy International, Inc., a manufacturer of starter motors and alternators.
Sep. 2017 Finalized acquisition of Sevcon, a company specializing in control and power solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. The transaction was valued at approximately USD 200 million.
Apr. 2019 Divested Wahler thermostat business to Arlington Industries Group Ltd.
Jan. 2020 Entered agreement to acquire Delphi Technologies PLC for approximately USD 3.3 billion in an all-stock transaction.
Oct. 2020 Completed the acquisition of Delphi Technologies.
Jun. 2021 Completed voluntary public takeover of shares of AKASOL AG, resulting in the ownership of 89% of AKASOL’s shares for EUR 648 million.
Feb. 2022 Completed registration of merger squeeze of AKASOL AG, resulting in complete acquisition of AKASOL.

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