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Huawei Base, Bantian, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Business Overview

- An independent ICT (information and communications) infrastructure and smart terminal provider in China. The company provides products, services, and solutions primarily in the areas of communication networks, IT, intelligent terminals, cloud services, digital energy, and intelligent automotive solutions.

- Established the Automotive Connected Division in 2013. Since then, the company has been conducting business development in the fields of automotive connectivity and automated driving. In 2019, the company exhibited at the Auto Shanghai 2019 motor show and then established the Intelligent Automotive Solutions Business Unit (IAS BU). In recent years, it has collaborated with many automakers to provide connected and automated driving related solutions to automakers and parts suppliers. 

- In 2023, Huawei's IAS BU operating income increased by 128.1% to CNY 4,737 million. Since the establishment of IAS BU, the cumulative R&D investment has exceeded CNY 30 billion, and the number of members on the R&D team has reached 7,000.

- Products in the electrification field include electric drive systems, on-board charging systems, and end-cloud battery management systems. Products in the intelligent connectivity field include intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving, intelligent electrics, intelligent car clouds, millimeter wave radars, cameras, gateways, LiDAR, computing platforms, AR HUDs, and T-Boxes. The company began introducing fully liquid-cooled superchargers at charging stations in 2023. Huawei's water-cooled supercharging terminal has a maximum output of 600kW, a charging range of 200-1,000V, is compatible with all models, and produces less than 55dB of noise during normal operation.

- The automotive-related business consists of five main segments: Intelligent Driving / Computing Platform, Intelligent Cockpit, mPower (Intelligent Electric Drive Platform), Intelligent Connectivity, and Intelligent Vehicle Cloud Service.


Segment Business content
Computing Platform

Leveraging its own technologies, the Company is releasing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) with its Intelligent Driving platform.

-Integrating sensors such as LiDAR, millimeter wave radar, and cameras into the company's in-vehicle computing platform MDC (Mobile Data Center).

-MDC-based algorithms and applications support the industry's continuous development of intelligent driving.

-Set up a standard platform interface that facilitates the linkage between the automated driving platform and the installed components.

Intelligent Cockpit

Huawei will develop an intelligent cockpit based on its Kirin chip and Harmony OS. An intelligent cockpit consists of hardware, software and applications, and supports timely updates.

mPower (Intelligent Electric Drive  Platform)

The Company built a vehicle control operating system based on MCUs (microcontroller units) and released it to various automobile development companies. By providing total solutions from the energy business to devices, the Company will work to solve problems such as the cost of electrification.

Intelligent Connectivity, and Intelligent Vehicle Cloud Service

4G, 5G, and V2X technologies support vehicle to infrastructure and vehicle to vehicle connectivity. Vehicle location, safety, vehicle control, and other intelligent network connectivity features enable access to and management of devices connected to the vehicle.


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Shareholder Ratio (%)
Shenzhen Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd. 100


-Digital key
-Smart cockpit
-Intelligent Drive Computing Platform
-Automated Driving Open Platform (Huawei Octopus)
-Thermal Management System
-HarmonyOS one chipset multi-screen solution
-Automated Driving Cloud Service
-Flexible on-board charging system
-High-safety lithium-ion battery management system
-Intelligent motor inverter
-DriveONE: Hyper-converged ePowertrain system (120 kW)
-DriveONE: High-voltage intelligent cooling 3-in-1 ePowertrain (150 kW)
-Intelligent automotive gateway
-4D imaging millimeter wave radar
-Super fisheye camera
-8MP front stereo camera
-VDC (Vehicle dynamic control system)
-High-safety AI battery management system
-Highly reliability DC fast charging module
-High reliability anti-condensation high voltage connector
-Powertrain module
-On-board wireless fast charging
-Huawei HiFin intelligent antenna solution
-V2X vehicle terminal T-box
-Imaging radar
-10.25-inch HD LCD panels
-High-power wireless chargers
-NFC key modules


1987 Established the company.
2013 Exhibited telematics solutions and products such as 3G and LTE communication modules compliant with automotive standards at the Mobile World Congress held in Spain.
2013 Established the Connected Business Division.
2015 Received orders for communication modules from Mercedes-Benz and Audi.
2015 Announced a collaboration with Volkswagen in the field of connected cars at CES Asia.
2016 Audi, BMW, and Daimler, as well as telecom operators Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Nokia, and Qualcomm, have formed the 5G AutomoTIve AssociaTIon.
2017 Research and development in the field of autonomous driving for connected vehicles, in cooperation with automakers such as Guangzhou Automobile, SAIC, and BAIC New Energy.
Jul. 2018 Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Audi for strategic cooperation on intelligent vehicle networking.
Sep. 2018 Changan Automobile, FAW Group, SAIC Group, BYD and other automotive companies to jointly establish a "Telematics C-V2X Cooperation Ecosystem."
Nov. 2018 Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SAIC-GM-Wuling to partner in the connected field.
Dec. 2018 Started comprehensive strategic cooperation with SAIC on "electrification, intelligent net-connected, car sharing, and internationalization" of automobiles.
Jan. 2019 "Changan-Huawei Joint Innovation Center" was established.
Jan. 2019 Established "1873 Davidson Innovation Lab", a joint experiment lab with Beiqi New Energy Source.
May 2019 Established the Intelligent Automotive Solutions Business Unit (IAS BU).
July 2019 Huawei HiCar, a full-scene smart connectivity solution for People-Car-Home, is installed in the new Baojun RC-6, a production model.
Sep. 2019 Launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Great Wall Motor in smart driving, smart network connectivity, smart cockpit, smart electronics, cloud services, big data, and mobility services.
May 2020 18 automotive companies established the "5G Automotive Ecosystem."
Dec. 2020 Signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Chinese OEM, Chery.
Apr. 2021 ARCFOX "αS" HI (Huawei Inside) version jointly developed with BAIC ARCFOX released
Nov. 2021 Huawei, Changan Automobile and CATL unveil the first smart electric vehicle (EV), Avatar 11, jointly developed by the three companies.
Mar. 2022 AITO Wenjie M5, jointly developed with Seres, released.
Nov. 2023 The company unveiled the (Luxeed) S7, which was jointly developed with Chery Automobile.
Apr. 2024 Announcement of intelligent automotive solution sub-brand “Qiankun”.

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