Garrett Motion Inc. (Formerly Honeywell Turbo Technologies Inc.)

Company Profile



Z.A. La Pièce 16, 1180 Rolle, Switzerland

Business Overview

-The Company designs, manufactures and sells highly engineered turbocharger, air and fluid compression, high-speed electric motor, and connected vehicle technologies for OEMs and distributors.

-The Company is a global technology leader in delivering products for internal combustion engines (ICE) using gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and hydrogen, as well as for zero emission technologies using hydrogen fuel cell systems. It is developing E-Powertrain and E-Cooling compressor products to support electrification trends.

-OEM sales were approximately 86% of its 2023 revenues while its aftermarket and other products contributed 14%.


-The Company is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market since May 3, 2021.


-Split Compression Variable Nozzle Geometry (SC-VNT) Turbo for gasoline engines
-Wastegate Turbochargers for Gasoline Engines
-Variable Geometry Turbos for Gasoline Engines

-Small Wastegate turbochargers for Diesel vehicles
-Variable Geometry Turbochargers for Diesel Engines
-Two Stage Parallel Turbochargers for Diesel Engines
-Two Stage Serial Turbochargers for Diesel Engines

Electric and hybrid systems
-E-Turbo (Electrified turbo technology)
-Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Compressors
-48V Electric Compressor for Mild Hybrid Vehicles
-E-Cooling Compressor
-3-in-1 E-Axle

Connected vehicle
-Onboard-to-offboard watchdog solution for the in-vehicle network
-OEM diagnostic and prognostic tools
-Fleet Early Warning System


Dec. 1999 Established by the merger between Honeywell Inc. and AlliedSignal Inc.
Oct. 2000 Although the Company and United Technologies Corp. had already signed a dispose agreement, General Electric announced it would acquire the Company for $45 billion.
May 2001 The U.S. Department of Justice approved the acquisition under the condition of divesting the Company's helicopter operations. The two companies approved the condition.
Jun. 2001 The European Commission proposed the divestitures of the Company's Aerospace division. GE refused the proposal.
Jul. 2001 The European Commission rejected the acquisition.
Oct. 2001 GE and the Company announced that they have terminated their merger agreement on October 2, 2001.
Aug. 2002 Acquired Invensys Sensor Systems.
Jan. 2003 The Company and Federal-Mogul Corp. entered into a letter of intent pursuant to which Federal-Mogul would acquire the Company's automotive Bendix Friction Materials business.
Feb. 2003 Acquired Sensotec Inc.
Aug. 2011 Egret Acquisition Corp., the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, acquired EMS Technologies, Inc.
Jul. 2014 Sold Friction Materials business (Bendix Friction Materials) to Federal Mogul for USD 155 million.
Oct. 2018 Completed to spin-off its Transportation Systems Division as Garrett Motion  Inc.
Sep. 2020 Filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Apr. 2021 The Company emerged from bankruptcy.
May 2021 The Company common stock has commenced trading on the Nasdaq Global Select Market, under the ticker symbol “GTX.”.

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