Remy International, Inc.

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600 Corporation Drive, Pendleton, IN 46064, USA

Business Overview

-The Company was a U.S.-based global market leader in the design, manufacture, re-manufacture, marketing and distribution of starter motors, alternators, multi-line products and hybrid electric motors for light and commercial vehicles for OE manufacturers and service (OEMs and OES) and the aftermarket.

-In November 2015, BorgWarner acquired the Company, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.

-In 2016, BorgWarner divested the Company’s light vehicle aftermarket business to Torque Capital.



-The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of BorgWarner.


-Starter motors
-Electric motors for electric and hybrid applications


1918 The Company began operating as a division of GM as Delco Remy International, Inc.
1994 A group of private investors bought out the Company from GM.
2004 Delco Remy International, Inc. renamed as Remy International, Inc.
Oct. 2007 The Company and its subsidiaries filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Dec. 2007 The Company emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
Dec. 2012 Listed on NASDAQ Stock Exchange.
Jun. 2013 Acquired remaining interest of Remy Hubei Electric Co. Ltd. joint venture.
2013 Closed plant in Mezokovesd, Hungary.
Jan. 2014 Acquired United Starters and Alternators Industries, Inc.
Aug. 2014 Announced to close manufacturing facilities in New York.
Mar. 2015 Acquired Maval Manufacturing, Inc.
Nov. 2015 The Company was acquired by BorgWarner, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary.
Oct. 2016 BorgWarner divested the light vehicle aftermarket business associated with the Company.

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