Hitachi Astemo, Ltd. (Formerly Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.)

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Shin-Otemachi Building, 2-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004 Japan

Business Overview

- Formerly operated as Hitachi Automotive Systems that functioned as the automotive business of Hitachi, Ltd., it was established in January 2021 in a merger among Honda Group suppliers Keihin, Showa, and Nissin Kogyo 

The Company operates five business segments: powertrain & safety systems, chassis, motorcycle, software, and aftermarket.

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-Unlisted Company (As of Mar. 31, 2022)
Company name Investment ratio (%)
Hitachi, Ltd. 66.6
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 33.4


Powertrain Systems

Powertrain systems (Electric)
-Motor for EV
-Inverter for EV
-Battery management system

Engine management systems
-Engine control unit for DI
-Engine control unit for PFI
-Control unit for CVT
-On mission control unit for CVT
-Control unit for four-speed automatic transmission
-Transmission control module)

Fuel systems
-High-pressure fuel pumps
-Injector for DI
-Injector for PFI

Intake / Exhaust systems
-Multi function mass air flow sensors
-Intake pressure control valve
-Airflow sensors
-Differential pressure sensors
-Hall effect type revolution sensors
-Pressure sensors
-Electronic throttle bodies
-Electronic throttle bodies for diesel engine
-Intake manifold

Engine components and subsystems
-Piston for DI
-Piston for PFI
-Cooling channel piston
-Valve timing control systems
-VTC solenoid valves
-Electromotive VTC
-Multi-waterways control valve
-Variable valve event and lift
-VCR Actuator
-Variable displacement vane pumps; front cover integrated type
-Variable displacement vane pump (Chain Drive Type)
-Water pump (single bearing type)
-Water pumps
-MCV (Multi-waterway control valve)

  • Oil pan & oil pump integrated type
  • VDVP integrated type

-Chain case modules; oil pump & water pump integrated type
-Water pumps with housing

Ignition systems
-Plug top coil

Electrical equipment systems
-Planetary gear reduction starters
-Twin axial gear reduction starters


Chassis Systems

Suspension systems
-Shock absorbers
-Suspension struts
-Suspension units
-Mono tube shock absorbers
-Aluminum shock absorbers
-Frequency reactive dampers
-Hydraulic type height adjustment suspension systems
-Air suspension struts
-Semi-active suspension systems
-Hydraulic cylinder for controlling vehicle roll
-Self levelizers
-Air levelizers
-Air compressors for height adjustment
-Control unit for height adjustment

Steering systems
-Electric power steering system (belt drive rack assist type)
-Electric power steering system (pinion assist type)
-Manual steering gear for column assist EPS
-Rack & pinion power steering gear (speed sensitive type)
-Electric power steering control unit (control assist type)
-Power steering pumps (variable displacement type)
-Variable displacement power steering pumps for heavy-duty truck

Drive power transmission systems (propeller shaft)
-Impact absorbable CVJ type
ーDirect Connection Interface (DCI) Joint Type
-Rubber coupling lobro joint type
-CFRP tube type
ーAluminum Tube Type
-1piece type
-2,3 piece type
-Differential carrier assemblies
-Rubber coupling type
-Hypoid gear set

Brake systems
-Disc brake calipers
-Electric parking brakes; disc type
-APB-Di: Automated Parking Brake - Drum integrated
-Electric servo brake
-Brake master cylinders
-Front disc brake
-Rear disc brake
-Drum brake
-Aluminum knuckles
-Vacuum boosters
-Electrically-driven intelligent brakes; e-ACT
-Anti-lock brake systems
-Electronic stability controls

Control units for other purposes
-Electric 4WD control units


-Stereo cameras
-Millimeter-wave radar (mid-range)
-Advanced driver assistance system control units
-AD ECU (prototype)
-Central gateway
-Map positioning unit
-Over-the Air (OTA) technology to update control software


1930 Began domestic production of electrical components for automobiles.
1936 Sample electrical components delivered to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation
1938 Obtained stocks of Tokyo Gas Electric Engineering Co.,Ltd., and Tokico became the affiliated company.
1964 Automotive Device Business Division established.
1968 New plant (Sawa Plant) founded
1985 Hitachi Automotive Products (USA), Inc. automotive parts plant established in Kentucky, USA.
1986 Hitachi Farmington Hills Technical Center established in Michigan, USA
1991 Dedicated vehicle-mounted information systems manufacturer Xanavi Informatics Corporation established as a joint venture with Nissan Motor Co.
1994 Siam Hitachi Automotive Parts established in Thailand through a joint venture with Siam Auto Parts.
1995 Established Changsha Hitachi Automotive Products, Ltd. (automotive products manufacturing company) in Changsha, Hunan, China.
1997 Automotive parts production company Hitachi Automotive Products Europe established in Bolton, UK.
1999 Capitalized 16.7% stock of Unisia Jecs Corporation to solidify cooperation and collaborative development of ITS drive control technology.
The Automotive System Division was renamed the Automotive System Group.
2000 HCX established as joint venture with Clarion Co., Ltd. and Xanavi Informatics Corporation.
Made an additional investment in Xanavi Informatics Corporation, turning it into a subsidiary.
2002 Hitachi Automotive Products Suzhou Ltd. established in Suzhou, China.
Through additional investment in Unisia Jecs Co. turns it into subsidiary.
2003 Name changed to Automotive Systems Group
Hitachi Automotive Systems Europe GmbH established in Sachsen, Germany to handle mechatronics products.
Hitachi Automotive Systems GmbH establishes Sachsen plant in Sachsen, Germany.
Hitachi Automotive Products Shanghai Ltd. established in Shanghai, China.
2004 New company Hitachi Vehicle Energy Ltd. founded to market, develop, and manufacture lithium-ion batteries for hybrid cars and other applications, as a joint venture with Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Maxell Ltd.
Hitachi Automotive Products, Europe Ltd., was renamed Hitachi Automotive Systems Europe, Ltd.
Joint venture between Hitachi Ltd., Hitachi Unisia Ltd., and Tokico Ltd.
Acquired 14.52% stock of Clarion Co., Ltd., resulting in Hitachi being its largest stockholder.
Commenced the operation of Guangzhou Hitachi Unisia Automotive Parts, Co., Ltd, in China.
Established Unisia Steering Systems, Inc., in Georgia, U.S.A.
2005 Concluded a comprehensive business ties agreement regarding CIS business with Clarion Co., Ltd.
Established CIS Division as a business department of in-vehicle information terminal.
Completed the construction of Hokkaido Tokachi test courses.
2006 Acquired 63.3% stock of Clarion Co., Ltd. through a takeover bid, making it a consolidated subsidiary.
Transferred the stock of Xanavi Informatics Corporation to Clarion Co., Ltd., resulting in being a wholly owned subsidiary of Clarion.
Unisia North America, Inc. was merged with Hitachi Automotive Products (USA), Inc.
2007 HCX Corporation was merged with Clarion Group as an effort to restructure and strengthen subsidiaries toward reinforcement the business of In-vehicle information systems.
Established JECS, Ltd.
2008 Unisia JKC Steering System Corporation and Niigata Technos Co., Ltd. were consolidated.
July, 2009 Hitachi Ltd. spun off Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
2011 Established Hitachi Automotive Systems (China) Ltd. as a regional headquarter for the Automotive Systems Business in China.
2012 Established Hitachi Highly Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
Established Hitachi Automotive Systems (Guangzhou) Ltd. in Guangzhou, China.
Established Hitachi Automotive Systems (India) Private Limited in India.
Established Hitachi Automotive Systems Queretaro, S.A. de C.V. in Queretaro, Mexico.
2014 Established PT Hitachi Automotive Systems Indonesia in the Republic of Indonesia.
2015 Hitachi Automotive Systems Queretaro, S.A. de C.V. was integrated into Hitachi Automotive Systems Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Merged Hitachi Automotive Systems Steering, Ltd. and Hitachi Automotive Systems Kyushu, Ltd.
2017 Established Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems, Ltd. with Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Established Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems (Guangzhou), Ltd., in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.
Mar. 2019 Parent company Hitachi Ltd. sold its entire 63.8% equity shareholding in Clarion to Faurecia.
Oct. 2019 Acquired Chassis Brakes International.
Apr. 2020 Acquired seneos GmbH, a systems-engineering company based in Germany.
Aug. 2020 Established Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems America, Inc. to manufacture motors for electric vehicles.
Jan. 2021 Hitachi Astemo was formed from a merger of Hitachi Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.; Keihin Corp.; Showa Corp.; and Nisshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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