Tier 1 suppliers: Autonomous, Connected, and Mobility related businesses

Current status at Bosch, Continental, ZF, Valeo, and Magna



The businesses of major Tier 1 suppliers are heating up in the areas of autonomous driving, connected cars, and mobility services. Suppliers are working with OEMs and EV automakers to jointly develop and conduct field testing of autonomous vehicles equipped with vehicle control systems for steering and braking with conventional products such as semiconductors and various sensors (e.g. cameras, LiDAR, radars). In addition, major Tier 1 suppliers are increasingly collaborating with IT companies and startups specializing in technologies such as AI and software, strengthening their in-house research and development capabilities.

This report provides an overview of the business trends in 2018 among the five major western Tier 1 suppliers in areas such as autonomous driving and connected cars, as well as some of the key announcements made by these suppliers at the CES 2019.


CES 2019 announcements (excerpts)

ZF ProAIファミリー e.GO Mover 自動運転ロボタクシー
Bosch driverless electric concept shuttle Continental “CUbE” autonomous electrified development platform Magna flexible seating system for new mobility and autonomous vehicles


Recent trends among Tier 1 suppliers in the areas of autonomous driving and connected solutions (excerpts)

Bosch ・CES 2019: Bosch unveiled a driverless electric concept shuttle equipped with the technologies required for mobility services such as sensors and vehicle computers.
・Bosch and Daimler are conducting joint development of autonomous driving systems. The systems adopt NVIDIA's AI platform and the two companies plan to introduce fully autonomous vehicles into a transportation network they plan to introduce to market by 2021.
・Bosch will collaborate with EV manufacturer e.GO to develop an automated valet parking service.
・Bosch established its new Connected Mobility Solutions division. The company also jointly conducted field testing of cellular V2X (vehicle-to-everything) and next generation 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) technologies with Vodafone and Huawei.
Continental ・CES 2019: Continental announced its Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE) autonomous electrified development platform, a driverless parcel delivery vehicle generally considered as a solution for urban last one mile mobility, that carries its RoboDog robots to deliver parcels to the customer’s doorstep.
・Continental has partnered with EasyMile, to offer driverless EVs.
・Based on NVIDIA's AI automatic driving platform, Continental plans to introduce Level 3 autonomous vehicle systems integrated with Continental's sensors in 2021.
・Continental has conducted field testing of its Cruising Chauffeur highway driving support system.
・Continental has partnered with Vodafone and plans to develop a service that utilizes technologies such as 5G, cellular V2X, and mobile edge computing.
ZF ・CES 2019: ZF exhibited an autonomous driving robo-taxi equipped with ZF’s ProAI RoboThink supercomputer using AI technology and its Trendsetting Cockpit jointly developed with Faurecia for autonomous vehicles.
・ZF’s ProAI will be installed in the autonomous driven e.GO Mover shuttle that will be manufactured by the e.GO Moove GmbH joint venture with e.GO, a compact EV automaker, with plans to start volume production from 2019. The ZF ProAI adopts the NVIDIA DRIVE AutoPilot.
・ZF is promoting autonomous driving technology for commercial vehicles. The company displayed its Innovation Van to demonstrate parcel delivery services.
・ZF jointly developed a cloud platform with Microsoft for mobility services.
Valeo ・CES 2019: Valeo exhibited its autonomous car, the Valeo Drive4U, as well as its connected computer vision camera, the Valeo XtraVue Trailer for trailers. The Valeo Drive4U is equipped with various Valeo sensors (ultrasound, cameras, lasers, radars, and LiDARS) and artificial intelligence. The Valeo Drive 4U is equipped with various sensors such as cameras, laser scanners and AI technology.
・Valeo announced its image recognition system Valeo XtraVue which utilizes 5G and V2V networks, and its Valeo Park4U Home automated parking system. It also announced its second generation SCALA 2 laser scanner.
Magna ・CES 2019: Magna unveiled its flexible seating system for new mobility and autonomous vehicles.
・Magna partnered with Lyft, a ridesharing service provider, to jointly develop self-driving systems.
・Magna developed its ICON RADAR system and a 3D surround view system. Magna also plans to mass produce solid state LiDAR that support autonomous driving at Level 4 to 5 capability and supply the LiDAR to the BMW Group.

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