European and U.S. Tier 1 suppliers: Electrification business trends

Strengthening of EV and HV products such as 48V systems, eMobility



  This report focuses on the trends of electrification related businesses, mainly in Europe, among the major Tier 1 suppliers in Europe and the U.S. (during the 18 month timeframe from January 2017 to June 2018).

  Electrification initiatives are becoming more active in Europe among the major European and U.S. Tier 1 suppliers. These suppliers are announcing their own EV concept cars, in addition to powertrain and charging systems for hybrid vehicles (HV) and electric vehicles (EV). These suppliers are also developing new products, promoting partnerships with highly specialized companies in various fields, and acquiring start-up companies.


Tier 1 supplier electrification trends in Europe (Extract)

Bosch • Full-scale development of solutions to improve the convenience of EVs
• Announcement of the eAxle system that can be mounted on vehicles across a wide range of segments such as HVs, EVs, compact cars, SUVs, and light-duty commercial vehicles
• Developing the electric powertrain, incorporating eAxle, for Nikola’s hydrogen fuel cell Class 8 truck
• Released prototypes such as the "e.GO" four-seat compact car equipped with a 48V drive system
• Announced a new 48V battery for HV applications in markets around the world, with production scheduled to start in the second half of 2018
Continental • Investing an additional EUR 300 million in powertrain electrification projects by 2021
• Strengthened its 48V mild hybrid portfolio, with plans to start volume production of high-voltage drive products from 2019
• 48V belt-driven starter generator system is standard on Audi's new A8
• Announced the AllCharge system which turns the electric powertrain itself into a charger
• Developed EV charging systems for both cable and wireless charging, and for all types of current and voltage levels
ZF • Announced the "Vision Zero Vehicle" concept car equipped with a 150 kW electric axle drive system
• Announced its new eAMT electrified automated manual transmission
• Developed electrified products for commercial vehicles, including its CeTrax all-electric central drive for city buses
• Announced the series production of the "e.GO Mover", a low-cost electric minibus jointly developed with emerging EV automaker e.Go Mobile
Schaeffler • Established an electric mobility division in January 2018 to accelerate the development of HV and EV solutions
• Announced the new "Agenda 4 plus One" program to further its transformation process for the future, which includes initiatives such as E-Mobility
• Announced include the High Performance 48V concept car, E-Wheel Drive
• Announced technology concepts for future urban mobility solutions such as electric drives for HVs and EVs


Schaeffler’s E-Mobility products Magna’s electrification system and lightweight products


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