NVIDIA’s DRIVE AGX AI platform for autonomous driving

Adopted by 450 companies including Toyota, Isuzu, Subaru, Audi, Daimler/Bosch



Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA announces that computing performance has increased by 1,000 times over the past ten years (photographed at GTC Japan 2018)

 The GPU Technology Conference (GTC) Japan 2018, hosted by NVIDIA, was held in September 2018 in Tokyo. This report primarily focuses on the keynote speech given by the CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, and the lecture given by Toru Baji, NVIDIA’s Technology Adviser, GPU Evangelist, entitled “FROM THE CAR TO THE CLOUD as well as an overview of “NVIDIA DRIVE AGX” AI platform for autonomous driving and the adoption status by various companies.

 DRIVE AGX is a platform that is comprised of the "Xavier" processor for autonomous machines, as well as an AI that recognizes and determines the external environment surrounding the car, and an AI that recognizes the vehicle’s internal environment and driver status.

 However, the realization of autonomous driving requires the support from a data center or a cloud server, which handles AI deep learning training and simulations.

 Currently, 450 or more companies, including automakers, suppliers, sensor companies, and map companies have adopted the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX, of which 55 companies have their head offices located in Japan. This report also covers the recently announced implementation by Toyota, Subaru, Isuzu, Audi, Daimler/Bosch, and Yamaha Motor.

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