CEATEC JAPAN 2018: Connected cars technology

Connected services and components for 5G, V2X



CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) JAPAN 2018 (at the Makuhari Messe convention center on October 16-19, 2018) was held with the theme “Connecting Society, Co-creating the Future” and showcased numerous automotive related exhibits focusing on “connected cars”. The exhibits showed various approaches to connected system services supporting the mobility society of the future, not only for drivers, but also for various activities such as remote control and infrastructure coordination.

Exhibitors introduced connected services and vehicle on-board components that will use of V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and 5G (5th Generation Mobile Telecommunications System) networks to be introduced going forward. Toyota demonstrated the use of LINE’s AI assistant “Clova Auto” for automotive applications as part of the SDL (Smart Device Link) service that links the car navigation system to smart phones. Valeo’s “XtraVue” and Oki Electric’s “Flying View” combine multiple camera images in real-time, and by connecting with other vehicles and roadside infrastructure using 5G, visual monitoring of the road ahead outside of the line of sight is made possible. Furthermore, Clarion introduced a commercial vehicle drive management system that uses data collected from drive recorders, and Kyocera introduced the roadside devices that will be deployed at areas such as intersections. These companies have made use of existing communications technologies acquired through their respective businesses and are developing systems that contribute to improvement of driving efficiency and safety.

入場口風景 トヨタ
CEATEC JAPAN 2018 exhibition site Toyota exhibits the smart phone linked service "SDL (Smart Device Link)"


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