Hannover Show 2018: The 67th IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show (Part 2)

DAF, Iveco, Ford, BMC, ZF, and Bosch



This is the second part of the report from the 67th IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show held in Hanover, Germany (period: September 20th to 27th 2018), and covers the exhibition contents of commercial vehicle automakers. An overview of the exhibition is as follows:

◎ DAF and Iveco: Series exhibitions of various alternative fuel powertrains such as electric, LNG, CNG, and biodiesel vehicles.
◎ ZF, Bosch, etc.: Exhibition of EV commercial vehicle components such as motors.

(Photographed by reporter)
(Left) DAF exhibited various trucks, ranging from the 90th anniversary XF model to EVs.
(Right) 1967 DAF A1600


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