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Sep 13, 2019

On September 12, FCA informed that from 26 to 28 September, the Lombardy Region headquarters building in Milan will host the third edition of "e_mob, festival dell'eMobility", with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles playing a leading role.
As well as a round table discussion and a seminar, where FCA will be present to provide information about the activities it has launched with regard to sustainable mobility, in the covered outdoor area visitors will be able to admire the Fiat Centoventi, the Jeep Compass PHEV and the Fiat Professional Ducato Electric, the last two of which will already be available on the market with effect from 2020.
The number of topics discussed during the three-day festival of electric mobility will be vast: first and foremost, how to make the new electric mobility easily usable and beneficial for customers, meaning the development of genuine solutions to simplify and increase the efficiency of charging procedure and times. FCA has recently signed two agreements with EnelX firm and with Engie for the development of new electric mobility solutions, to support the production and marketing of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) envisaged by the Group business plan for 2018- 2022.
The exhibition of vehicles starting from the Centoventi, the concept car that gives an innovative foretaste of the Fiat brand's guidelines, stylistic language and future technology for the next few years.
With hybrid technology also used for the Renegade, the Jeep Compass - in the brand's purest style - will further improve its capability with a higher torque, achieved through the combination of the two propulsion systems. Also the rear-axle drive will be provided not by a propeller shaft but by the dedicated electric motor, allowing the two axles to be separated, with the torque controlled independently and more effectively than in a mechanical system.
On the other hand, the Ducato Electric - developed and designed to the FCA Group's most advanced quality standards - will be available in all body variants with the same load volumes as the current models.

FCA press release

Sep 11, 2019

FCA has begun exporting cylinder heads produced in Betim, Brazil to the Termoli plant in Italy.
The order for 100,000 units will be completed in 2020.
The operation required an investment of BRL 2 million to adapt the machining line, which now operates in three shifts.
The cylinder heads will be used in Europe on 1.4 Fire Evo Tetrafuel and Benzine engines used on the Lancia Y and Fiat Panda, Qubo and 500.
The Betim engine plant has an installed capacity for 460,000 cylinder heads per year and produces Fire Evo and Firefly engines, as well as C-510 and C-513 transmissions.
The factory is also receiving BRL 500 million to start production of the FireFly Turbo in 2020.
With this investment, the Betim plant will become the largest producer of engines and transmissions in Latin America, with capacity of 1.3 million units per year.
(multiple sources on September 6, 2019)

Sep 10, 2019

On September 9, FCA Italy announced that it has chosen Transatel’s architecture to provide universal 4G connectivity and a comprehensive connectivity management platform in all 28 countries of the EU and EFTA. The solution will also support 5G as soon as the technology becomes available on the automotive market.
For FCA, this initiative falls under the scope of the new global “ecosystem” for connected vehicles, announced last April. Global connectivity will be native to the vehicles, as eSIMs are soldered into the vehicle at first mount. The connectivity will enable users to benefit from an array of services ranging from car-centric telematics applications and Over The Air software updates and applications such as infotainment and Wi-Fi on board. It will also provide emergency calls to comply with European regulations.
In addition to offering the ideal technical environment for electric vehicles, the platform will also support the full range of services for FCA mobility, including rate-per-kilometre options, insurance policies based on the effective use of the vehicle, short, medium and long-term car rental and peer-to-peer car-sharing solutions.

Transatel press release