Brembo S.p.A.

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Viale Europa, 2 24040 Stezzano (BG), Italy

Business Overview

-The Company is an Italy-based global leader in the research, design, development, and production of brake systems and technologies for the automotive sector. It is the market leader in brake disc technology for automotive vehicles. Additionally, the Company supplies clutches and other components for automotive racing applications.

-The Company provides components and systems across four vehicle segments:

  • Passenger cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Commercial and industrial vehicles
  • Racing applications


-The Company is listed on Italian Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana. (As of Mar. 04, 2022)
Main Shareholders % ownership
Nuova Fourb S.r.l. 67.9
Brembo S.p.A. 2.0


Passenger cars
-Carbon-ceramic discs
-Aluminum suspension components

Commercial vehicles
-Parking brakes


1961 Founded in Paladina (Bergamo, Italy) as a small mechanical machining workshop.
1960's Influenced by the impulse of the motor car industry and strong market expansion, the Company specialized in the manufacturing of disc brakes that were exclusively exported to the U.K.
1964 A supply contract was stipulated with Alfa Romeo.
1975 Enzo Ferrari instructed the Company to conduct a study on a braking system to match the power of Maranello's "Red Streaks".
1980's Technical innovations in products, use of aluminum as a material.
Expanding its customers base, including Porsche, Mercedes, Lancia, BMW, Nissan, Chrysler.
1981 Starting to supply aluminum calipers for passenger vehicles.
1983 The American group Kelsey Hays, major components supplier, invested in the company.
1985 Received an order for exclusive supply of calipers for Porsche.
1991 In view of a considerable increase in production and personnel, the operations base was transferred to Curno.
1995 Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.
1996 Announced a joint-venture with Rassini of Mexico.
1997 Increased its interest in B.S.E. to 51%.
Increased its interest in Norbit A.B. to 100%.
Sold its interest in Alloy Technologies Ltd.
Feb. 1997 Acquired Fonderie Officine Meccaniche Mapello SpA.
Mar. 1999 The Company's subsidiary, Brembo Participations B.V., acquired 100% of Brembo do Brasil Ltda.
Jun. 1999 Set up Brembo Participations B.V., transferred shares of subsidiaries located outside Italy.
Sep. 1999 Set up Brembo International S.A. (LUX).
Transferred 50% of shares in Bref S.r.l. Fonderia to de Torbole S.r.l.
Feb. 2000 Acquired 100% of Alfa Real Minas.
Mar. 2000 Acquired 70% of Marchesini S.r.l.
Announced a joint venture with SKF.
Announced a joint venture with the AI Group (owned by the South African company DFI) and Lemforder, a division of ZF Friedrichshafen.
Jul. 2000 Announced its acquisition of AP Racing (UK).
Jul. 2001 Formed a joint venture, Nanjing Yuejin Automotive Brake System Co. Ltd.
Sold the entire holding in Stepal S.r.l., the holding company of Fonderia Regali S.r.l.
Jan. 2002 Acquired a further stake in the already partly held Brembo Rassini S.A. de C.V, taking the Company's interest from 51% to 76%.
Jul. 2002 Resolved on the merger of Brembo Engineering S.p.A. into the Company.
Nov. 2002 Acquired 30% of Marchesini S.r.l. for a value of EUR 310,000.
Jan. 2004 Brembo Ceramic Brake Systems S.p.A., a joint venture with DaimlerChrysler AG, started the production of the first ceramic brake discs.
Jul. 2005 Signed an agreement with Simest to establish a new production company in China, specializing in the production and sales of braking systems for the original equipment.
Aug. 2012 Acquired remaining 32.26% of Brembo China Brake Systems Co. Ltd. from Simest, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
2013 Acquired full ownership of Brembo Nanjing Brake Systems Co. Ltd., after purchasing remaining 30% stake from Chinese partner Donghua Automotive Industrial Co. Lt., for CNY 90 million.
May 2016 Acquired 66% stake in ASIMCO Meilian Braking Systems, a manufacturer of cast-iron brake discs for local Chinese joint ventures for approximately EUR 78 million.
Oct. 2016 Inaugurated new plant for the production of aluminum calipers with an investment of USD 36 million in Escobedo, in the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
Apr. 2019 Inaugurated it new production hub for the manufacturing of aluminum brake calipers in Nanjing, located in China's Jiangsu province.
Oct. 2022 Founded Brembo Ventures, as the company's venture capital unit.

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