Dana Incorporated (Formerly Dana Holding Corporation)

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3939 Technology Drive, Maumee, OH 43537, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a leading global manufacturer of drive and motion products, sealing solutions, thermal management technologies, and fluid power products.

-The Company has four operating segments:

  • Light Vehicle Driveline Technologies (Light Vehicle)
  • Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies (Commercial Vehicle)
  • Off-Highway Dive and Motion Technologies (Off-Highway)
  • Power Technologies

-The Company primarily serves the light vehicle market, medium/heavy vehicle market, and off-highway vehicle market.

-Starting in 2016, the Company had increased its capital expenditure in preparation for new programs awarded to the Company that would begin production in 2018. The increased capital expenditure continued through 2017 and then decreased in 2018 as production for the new programs began. The Company expects that its capital expenditure in 2019 will be approximately 4% of sales, same as 2018. While capital expenditure to support new customer programs is expected to decrease, the Company is expecting additional investment related to the acquisition of Oerlikon Drive Systems.


Light Vehicle Commercial Vehicle Power Technologies
-American Axle
-Hitachi Automotive
-IFA Rotorion
-Tiryakiler Group
-American Axle
-Klein Products
-Tirsan Kardan
-Freudenberg NOK


-The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Light Vehicles
Driveline technologies
-Differentials and torque couplings
-Drive shafts
-All-wheel drive systems
-Electronic limited slip differentials
-Lightweight axle tubes
-Hollow shafts
-Drivetrain systems

Engine technologies
-Air ducts
-Cylinder head covers
-Cylinder head gaskets
-Engine oil coolers
-Charge air coolers
-Liquid-cooled charge air coolers
-Thermal acoustic protective shielding (TAPS)
-Valve stem seals
-Exhaust gas heat recovery systems
-Oil pan modules
-Thermal bypass valves
-Active warm-up systems
-Power steering oil coolers

Transmission technologies
-Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) transmission separator plates
-Transmission sealing pan modules
-Active warm-up systems
-VariGlide CVT featuring unique planetary variator configuration
-Thermal acoustic protective shielding (TAPS) 
-Thermal bypass valves
-Transmission oil coolers
-Exhaust gas heat recovery systems
-Transmission separator plates

Electric and hybrid vehicle products
-Thermal products

  • Battery interelement cooling plates
  • Battery cold plates
  • Power electronics cooling plates
  • Battery cooling chillers
  • Engine control unit coolers
  • Sub-cooled loop radiators

-Fuel cells

  • Bipolar plates
  • Seals
  • Hydrogen reformers

Commercial vehicles
Driveline technologies
-Steer axles
-Drive axles
-Tire pressure management systems
-Wheel hub systems

Engine technologies
-Thermal acoustic protective shielding (TAPS) heat shields
-Cylinder head gaskets
-Engine oil coolers
-Valve stem seals
-Active warm-up systems
-Thermal bypass valves
-Charge air coolers
-Cylinder head covers
-Oil pan modules
-Exhaust gas heat recovery systems
-Sealing modules

Transmission technologies
-Thermal acoustic protective shielding (TAPS) heat shields
-Active warm-up systems
-Thermal bypass valves
-Exhaust gas heat recovery systems

Fluid power
-Axial piston pumps
-Gear pumps


Oct. 1916 Incorporation in Virginia, as Spicer Manufacturing Corp., succeeding a New Jersey company of similar name incorporated in 1905.
Jul. 1946 Present name, Dana Corp., adopted.
Nov. 1995 Acquired the European axle group of the British manufacturing company, GKN plc. including three axle-group operations.
Feb. 1997 Acquired the assets of the world wide piston ring and cylinder liner operations of SPX Corporation.
Jan. 1998 Acquired the heavy axle and brake business of Eaton Corporation; General Automotive Specialty Company, Inc.
1999 Acquired Industrias Serva S.A., Dana Heavy Axle Mexico S.A. de C.V., Automotive Motion Technology Ltd., and Echlin Charger Mfg. Co. Pty. Ltd.
Jan. 2000 Acquired the cardan-jointed propeller shaft business of GKN plc.
Sep. 2000 Sold its Brazilian CV joint operation to GKN.
Nov. 2000 Acquired a 30% interest in Getrag Cie, a manufacturer of transmissions, trans axles, axles and other automotive components, and a 49% interest in Getrag's North American operations.
1Q. 2004 Combined the ASG and the former Engine and Fluid Management Group (EFMG) into a single business unit which retained the ASG name.
Jan. 2007 The Company and its subsidiary, Dana Canada Corporation completed the sale of their trailer axle manufacturing assets to Hendrickson USA, L.L.C., a subsidiary of The Boler Company, and its affiliates.
Mar. 2007 Completed the sale of its engine hard parts business to Mahle GmbH.
Jul. 2007 Completed the sale of its European fluid products hose and tubing operations to Orhan Holding, A.S..
Sep. 2007 Completed the sale of its North American coupled fluid products business to Coupled Products Acquisition LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wanxiang (USA) Holdings Corporation. The sale substantially concludes the overall divestiture of its fluid products business.
Jan. 2008 As a result of Dana Corporation's emergence from bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code on Jan. 31, 2008, the Company is the successor registrant to Dana Corporation pursuant to Rule 12g-3 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
2010 Divested its global Structural Products business to Metalsa, S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of Grupo Proeza of Mexico
Jan. 2015 Sold its Venezuelan subsidiary C.A. Danaven to an independent and locally operated company Manufacturing and Logistics Solutions Ltd.
Aug. 2016 Change the Company name from Dana Holding Corporation to Dana Incorporated, effective August 1, 2016.
Dec. 2016 Acquired strategic assets of commercial vehicle steering axle systems and related forged components businesses of SIFCO.
Feb. 2017 Acquired 80% ownership of Brevini Fluid Power S.p.A. and Brevini Power Transmission S.p.A., enhancing the Company's Off-Highway operating segment and bringing new technologies to be leveraged in other markets.
Mar. 2017 Completed acquisition of axle housing and driveline shaft manufacturing operations of U.S. Manufacturing Corporation for USD 100 million.
Mar. 2018 Melrose Industries acquired 52.43% of the voting rights of GKN, thereby preventing the merger between GKN Driveline and the Company.
Jun. 2018 Acquired 55% interest in TM4, an electric vehicle component supplier, through a joint venture partnership with Hydro-Quebec.
Jul. 2018 Signed definitive agreement to acquire Oerlikon’s Drive Systems Segment for CHF 600 million. The transaction is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2019.

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