Linamar Corporation

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287 Speedvale Avenue West, Guelph, Ontario, N1H 1C5, Canada

Business Overview

-The Company provides precision products for powertrain systems to the light vehicle, commercial truck, off-highway, energy and industrial OEM markets.

-The company consists of two business segments: Mobility and Industrial. The Industrial segment is divided into Aerial Work and Agriculture, while the Mobility segment provides machining and assembly, light metal casting, and forging technologies for automobiles, construction equipment, and commercial vehicles.

Mobility Industrial
Solution Market Solution Market
-Machining and Assembly
-Light Metal Casting
-Commercial vehicle
-Skyjack -Aerial work
-MacDon and Salford -Agriculture
Electrification Group

-In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022, 75.8% of the company's sales were in the Mobility Division, 24.2% were in the Industrial Division.


-In September 2021, Linamar announced the formation of its eLIN Product Solutions Group (eLIN), which focuses on pioneering electrification technologies for Linamar’s products in its Mobility and Industrial businesses, as well as future new markets.

-eLIN focuses on four key areas: Power Generation, Power Storage, Propulsion Systems, and Structural & Chassis offerings for electrified vehicles.


-The Company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Driveline components
-Differential assemblies
-Hybrid power units

  • Electric AWD E-Axle

-Power transfer units (PTU)

  • One, two and three axes versions

-Rear drive units/modules (RDU/RDM)

  • Mechanical and electronic LSD
  • Integrated oil cooler pumps

-Engineered gears

Transmission components
-Shaft & shell assemblies

  • Automatic applications
  • Manual applications
  • Transfer case applications
  • Grobbed or flow formed housings

-Differential assemblies

  • Complete assembly with ring gear and pinions
  • Helical ring and pinion for axles
  • Helical ring and pinion for FWD transmission
  • One-piece or two-piece designs

-Transmission gears

  • Drive and driven sprocket assemblies
  • Speed gears
  • Sun, pinion and ring gears
  • Park gears

-Clutch modules
-Cases, covers and housings
-Carriers and planetary assemblies
-Valve bodies
-One-way clutches
-Transfer case pump housings
-Center housings
-Transmission and driveline shafts

Engine components
-Cylinder blocks
-Cylinder heads
-Connecting rods
-Balance shaft modules
-Fuel rails, pumps & bodies

  • High-pressure fuel rails for common rail diesels

-Fuel injector bodies
-Fuel pump housings
-Turbocharger housings

Chassis components
-Axle shafts
-Steering knuckles
-Wheel hubs
-Shock towers
-Centre consoles
-Cross car beams
-Wheel spindles

-Power Generation

  • Fuel cell powertrains and components

-Power Storage

  • Flexform Conformable Hydrogen Storage Tank

-Propulsion Systems

  • Electric Axle (eAxle)

-Structural & Chassis

  • Battery enclosure systems
  • Subframes
  • Subsystems
  • eAxle cradles


Aug. 1966 Established in Canada, founded on machining for the defense, aerospace and automotive industries.
in the 1980's Decision was made to focus on the automotive sector.
1985 Became a public company.
1986 Listed on the stock exchanges in Toronto
1998 Acquired US cylinder head connecting rod manufacturer Eagle Manufacturing L.L.C (owns 60%).
1998 Owned a 55% joint venture interest in an engine assembly and components business located in Mexico.
2000 Formed a joint venture for casting with Canadian Wescast Industry Inc. in Hungary.
2000 Formed a joint venture with TRW Inc. to supply assembled cylinder head modules for engine builders.
2001 Purchased approximately CAD 4 million of the outstanding shares in the capital of Skyjack Inc, which manufactures elevating work platforms, constituting a 48.5% equity interest for a total purchase price of CAD 22.1 million.
2003 Acquired McLaren Performance Technologies
2005 Lauched the Company's sixth operational group, Asia-Pacific Group. Construction of a production facility in China was started.
2006 The Transmission/Driveline Group was created by combining the former Transmission and Chassis Group.
2011 Acquired three automotive components business from Famer Group of France.
Oct. 2013 Acquired Mubea Motorkomponenten GmbH’s (“MMKG”) business of manufacturing and distributing assembled camshafts.
Sept. 2014 Acquired high volume hot-forged product business from Carolina Forge Company, LLC ("CFC"), located in Wilson, North Carolina.
Jan. 2015 Completed the acquisition of Seissenschmidt AG ("SEI"), a Germany company which specializes in high-volume hot forgings.
Jul. 2015 Agreed to form joint venture with GF Automotive for a light metal foundry to produce high-pressure die castings.
2016 Completed acquisition of Montupet S.A., a manufacturer of cast aluminum parts for the automotive industry.
Feb. 2020

The Company established its European electromobility center in Bekescsaba, Hungary.

Apr. 2022

The company acquired a 50% stake in the joint venture GF Linamar LLC from GF. It becomes the sole owner of the Mills River facility.

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