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500 North Field Drive, Lake Forest, IL 60045, USA

Business Overview

-A manufacturer which provides clean air and ride performance systems and products for light vehicle, commercial truck, off-highway and other vehicle applications.

-The Company operates in two divisions: Clean Air and Ride Performance.

-The Company supplies products from its Clean Air division to approximately 30 vehicle manufacturers for use on approximately 225 light vehicle models, including six of the top ten passenger car produced in Europe and seven of the top ten light truck models produced in North America in 2016.

-The Company supplies products from its Ride Performance division to approximately 30 vehicle manufacturers for use on over 200 light vehicle models, including six of the top ten passenger car models produced in Europe and eight of the top ten light truck models produced in North America in 2016.

-From 2012 through 2015, the Company's sales from the Asia Pacific region has lead all regions in terms of year-over-year sales growth, aligning with both the Company's strategy to expand and adjust its footprint based on market demand, and the amount of investment that the Company has placed in the region. The Asia Pacific region is the only region in the Company to have had positive year-over-year growth every year since 2011. In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2015, the Asia Pacific region was the only region to have increased year-over-year sales. The Asia Pacific region ranked second in year-over-year growth in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2016, behind the Europe, South America and India region by 0.6 percentage points.

-The Company is among the market leaders and ranks as one of the top two suppliers for specific clean air and rider performance products and systems in many regions.


-Calsonic Kansei
-Hitachi Automotive
-Magneti Marelli
-Yutaka Giken


-Listed on New York Stock Exchange and Chicago Stock Exchange.


Clean Air Systems

  • Braised tubular manifolds
  • Fabricated diesel manifolds
  • Fabricated high temperature manifolds (for gas engines)
  • Double-wall air gap insulated manifolds
  • Single-wall manifolds
  • Modular air gap insulated manifolds
  • Three-shell manifolds

-Manifold converters
-Catalytic converters
-Catalytic burners with secondary hydrocarbon dosing
-Four-way catalysts
-Double swirl mixers
-Stairway mixers
-Rasp pipe mixers
-HP passive valves
-Heat exchangers
-Thermoelectric generators
-One-Box integrated waste heat recovery systems
-Diesel particulate filter systems
-Woven metal filters
-Cross-channel filters
-High frequency turbo decouplers
-DeNOx converter aftertreatment systems
-SCR: Selective Catalytic Reduction
-SCR system integration XNOx systems
-Lean NOx traps
-Hydrocarbon vaporizers and injectors
-Hydroformed assemblies
-Elastomeric hangers and isolators
-Electronically controlled exhaust valves

  • Self-supporting mufflers
  • Lightweight mufflers
  • Ultra lightweight mufflers - SiC fiber muffler
  • Semi-Active Muffler
  • Spun mufflers
  • Shell mufflers
  • Lightweight mufflers with thin-wall pipes
  • Air gap pipes


Ride Performance Systems
-Passive dampers
-Shock absorbers and struts
-Suspension systems/modules

  • Strut modules
  • Coil-over modules
  • Air spring modules
  • Damper modules
  • Full axle modules
  • Cabin damper modules

-Computerized Electronic Suspension (CES) and intelligent suspension systems

  • Manually adjustable electronic suspension
  • Adaptive electronic suspension
  • Semi-active electronic suspension
  • Anti-roll electronic suspension
  • Semi-active with anti-roll electronic suspension
  • Active electronic suspension

-Kinetic passive stability systems
-Coils and leaf springs
-Cab shock absorbers
-Seat shock absorbers
-Heavy duty truck and train shocks
-Top mounts
-Rubber-to-metal bushings and mountings
-Suspension arms, rods, and links
-Multi-tuneable valves
-Frequency dependent damping valves
-ComfortMax monotube dampers
-Position-sensitive twin system multi-stage hydraulic shock absorbers
-Integrated height internal valves
-Adjustable seat dampers
-Lightweight seat dampers
-Velocity progressive dampers
-Axle dampers

-Power steering isolators
-Fluid-damped elastomers
-Self-lubricated elastomers
-Torque rods
-Silent block bushings
-Spring eye bushings
-Suspension bushings
-Control arm bushings
-Engine and body mounts
-Spring seats
-Stabilizer bar bushings
-Gripper stabilizer bar systems
-Links and link bushings
-Subframe bushings
-Damper top mounts
-Exhaust system isolators
-Suspension links
-Controlled torque bushings


1940 Tennessee Gas and Transmission Company was founded.
1967 Acquired Walker Manufacturing Company.
1994-1996 Divested all businesses except for automotive and packaging division through public offerings, sales, spin-offs, and mergers.
1977 Acquired Monroe Auto Equipment Company and formed Tenneco Automotive with Walker and Monroe as its two operating divisions.
1999 Spun off Tenneco Packaging, Tenneco Automotive listed on New York Stock Exchange.
2000 Formed strategic alliance with Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd.
2001 Formed strategic alliance with Tokico Ltd. (Currently merged into Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.)
Oct. 2005 Renamed from Tenneco Automotive to Tenneco Inc.
2008 Acquired suspension business of Gruppo Marzocchi.
Jul. 2011 Dissolved alliance with Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Supplemental Information 1

Major Strategic Alliances

Alliance partner Activity
Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd. Established a joint venture operation in Burnley, England.
Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Company Produces emission-control exhaust systems for Hyundai in Beijing
Eberspaecher International GmbH Supplies emission control products and systems for luxury cars produced by BMW and Audi in China.
Chengdu Lingchuan Mechanical Plant Supplies emission control products and systems for various Ford platforms produced in China.
Shanghai Tractor and Engine Corporation Established an engineering center to develop automotive exhaust products. A subsidiary of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.
GE Transportation Joint development of Hydrocarbon-Selective Catalytic Reduction catalyst technology (HC-SCR) (Feb. 2009)

-The Company established a presence in Thailand through a joint venture that supplies exhaust components for GM Isuzu.
-In 2006, the Company opened its first solely owned operation in China, an elastomer manufacturing facility in Suzhou.
-In September 2007, the Company acquired the mobile emissions business of Combustion Components Associates, Inc., a manufacturer of air pollution control technologies.
-The Company formed a new joint venture in March 2010 with FAW Sihuan to supply emission control components and systems for passenger and commercial vehicles.
-In August 2011, the Company increased its stake from 75% to 100% in Walker Exhaust Co., Limited, a clean air company located in Thailand.
-In the fourth quarter of 2013, the Company increased its investment from 80% to 100% in Tenneco (Dalian) Exhaust System Co., Ltd., China.

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