Japanese suppliers in Mexico and Brazil: Expanding capacity for local demand

Recent developments at Aisin Seiki, Calsonic Kansei, Keihin, JTEKT, and others



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 This report is the second part of the trend report on Japanese parts suppliers in Central and South America. It summarizes the trends of production capacity improvement in Mexico and the trends in Brazil (for ten months until mid-September 2014). For the trends of new business operations started in Mexico, please refer to the first report.

 Three Japanese OEMs, Nissan, Mazda and Honda, have started operations at their new plants, from the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014. Also in 2015 and later, new plants are expected to be constructed by a JV between Nissan and Daimler as well as independently by Audi and BMW.

 Under such circumstances, many Japanese parts suppliers are rapidly expanding their production capacities. Other developments include sales to new customers and expansion of production items.

 In Brazil, not so many Japanese parts suppliers are building new plants, although some are enhancing their production capacities to expand their product lineups.

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Expansion of production capacities in Mexico (production items in parentheses)

Expansion of facilities and production lines at existing plants  Ahresty (aluminum die-casting parts), Imasen Electric Industrial (seat adjusters), Kasai Kogyo (trims), Sumitomo Wiring Systems (wiring harnesses), Denso (new line for transmission parts), NHK Spring (suspension springs), Nanjo Auto Interior (interior parts), Nifco (fasteners), Furukawa Electric (battery state sensors), and Yamashita Rubber (rubber products)
Expansion of plant buildings and plants  Expansion of plant buildings: Calsonic Kansei (cockpit modules) and Keihin (new lines for condensers and injectors)Second plants: G-Tekt (CVT parts) and Pacific Engineering (metallic parts)Third plant: Hitachi Automotive Systems (pistons and aluminum die-casting parts)

New business developments in Brazil (production items in parentheses)

Establishment of new companies and operations started at new plants  Aisin AI (manual transmissions), Advics (brake boosters and master cylinders), TPR (cylinder liners), Mitsui & Co. (steel material processing), Yorozu (suspension parts), and Furukawa Electric (automotive parts sales company)
Enhancement of production capacities  Aisin Seiki (new equipment for engine and die-casting parts), JTEKT (new line for column-type power steering systems), and Tachi-S (integrated production of seats)
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