Western Tier 1 suppliers: Electrification trends, mainly in Europe and China

Current status at Bosch, Continental, ZF, Schaeffler, Mahle, Valeo, and BorgWarner



 Bosch is targeting to generate revenue of EUR 5 billion from the sale of E-mobility products by 2025, and ZF announced that it will invest more than EUR 12 billion over the next five years in the business areas of e-mobility and autonomous driving. In the second quarter of 2019, Schaeffler was awarded a contract valued at EUR 1.1 billion for electrification-related products. Mahle,Valeo and BorgWarner are all focusing on the development of new products related to electrification, including 48V mild hybrids; the electrification trend across all Tier 1 suppliers is becoming increasingly active.

 The strengthening of collaboration among suppliers is also becoming more pronounced, including the formation of global alliances such as the partnership between Valeo and Dana to bring to market 48V mild hybrid and EV systems. Bosch has partnered with CATL in connection with battery cells to strengthen its 48V battery system business in China, and is working to further expand its market presence in China through an alliance with NIO. NIO has also partnered with Continental, and the two companies are currently jointly conducting NVH testing for EVs.

 Continental, similar to Bosch, is positioning China as a crucial market and expanding the production of components by enhancing its local manufacturing sites. ZF announced that all of its products for the China market will be produced locally in China, and the electrification trend among all of these companies in China has been clarified.

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