IAA 2019: European Suppliers at Frankfurt Motor Show

Future technologies for the age of eMobility, Automated Driving, and Urban Mobility



  The IAA 2019 ("Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung") at Frankfurt/Main, Germany, was open for the press on September 10-11 and for trade visitors and the public from September 12-22. The show is held every second year for OEMs to present new automobiles and concept cars and is organized by the VDA (Association of the German Automotive Industry). The IAA is also a place for many regional and international suppliers, engineering companies, service providers and researchers to demonstrate their product and service portfolio and the latest innovations.

General View (Mercedes Pavilion)
IAA 2019 venue

  With this year's theme "Driving tomorrow" the show contents were centered around the topics of eMobility, Automated Driving, Urban Mobility, Connected Car and Mobility Services.

  The Motor Show concept was embracing four categories: IAA Exhibition - OEMs and the other exhibitors were falling under this category; IAA Conference - presentation of innovations, debating issues, developing joint solutions; IAA Experience - an outdoor area with a stage and driving tracks for cars and e-Bikes; IAA Career - students, graduates and young professionals could meet the leading employers from the world of mobility.

  The IAA 2019 hosted about 800 exhibitors from 30 countries with the supply companies being the largest exhibitor category. The Frankfurt motor show attracted over 560,000 visitors - 22 % came from abroad of which 20 % were from Asia; over 40 % of all guests were trade visitors. There were 200 international speakers at the conference - company leaders, people from the worlds of science, politics, society and the international automotive and high-tech scene. At the outdoor Test Drive zone 13 exhibitors with 72 vehicles - including electric vehicles - invited visitors to make their own experiences. Furtheron the E-Move Track allowed rides on E-Bikes from some OEMs and suppliers.

  This report concentrates on a selection of European exhibitors - suppliers, engineering service providers and researchers - with their solutions and innovations for eMobility which also includes solutions for combustion engines which will remain for years to come part of the mobility solutions, for example in hybrid vehicles. Innovations can be a result of applying a company's core competencies on a new application / in another industry or by adding new competencies in order to create solutions and expand a product portfolio.


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