Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.(CATL)

Company Profile



No.1, Xingang Road, Zhangwan Town, Jiaocheng District, Ningde, Fujian, China

Business Overview

-The company is mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of power batteries, battery cells, modules, battery management systems.

-According to the latest statistics, in the first half of 2017, the market share of the company was close to 21%, and BYD's market share dropped to 13.81% due to the switch of new energy subsidy policy. So far, in the global power battery market, CATL exceeds BYD, and be second to Panasonic.

-In 2016, CATL had a production capacity of power batteries for over 8GWh, and the annual shipments reached 6.8GWh. Operating income and profit approached CNY 15 billion and CNY 3 billion respectively.


(As of June 30, 2017)
Major Shareholer Shareholding Ratio (%)
Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Investment Co., Ltd. 32.61
Huang Shilin 16.30
Ningbo Joint Innovation New Energy Investment Management Partnership (Limited Partnership) 9.78
Other shareholders 41.31
Total 100.00


Automobile Batteries
-Lithium-ion batteries
-Lithium polymer batteries
-Fuel cells
-Lithium iron carbonate batteries
-Large capacity energy storage batteries
-Super capacitors
-Battery modules for EV
-Micro-hybrid battery packs for EVs' starting and stopping
-Standard battery packS for commercial vehicles
-Rechargeable battery packs
-Single 240Ah large capacity cells for energy storage applications
-Lithium iron carbonate series cells
-Ternary series cells
-Battery management systems


Dec. 2011 The company was established.
Nov. 2012 Established a subsidiary called Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (Qinghai).
Jun. 2014 Established a wholly-owned subsidiary called Lithium Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (Beijing).
Dec. 2014 Established a branch in Shanghai .
2014 Established a subsidiary called Contemporary Amperex Technology GmbH (Germany) as a R&D center.
Jan. 2015 Accquried Guangdong Brunp Recycling Technology Limited (Foshan). As far, the company owns its 66.72% shares。
2015 Changed name to Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited.
Jun. 2016 Established a subsidiary called Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (Jiangsu).
Jun. 2017 Established two joint ventures called Contemporary SAIC Power Battery Co., Ltd. and SAIC Contemporary Power Battery Systems Co., Ltd.