Japanese suppliers in China (2): Eastern China

Denso, Aisin AW, Calsonic Kansei, TACHI-S, Kasai Kogyo, Takata and NTN



China_West Map

 Below is a summary of a report about the recent trends among Japanese automotive parts manufacturers operating in China. Part 2 contains the trends in the eastern China area.

 In Shanghai, NTN established a technical center to increase the company's development capability in China while Denso and Takata revamped theirs. Jiangsu province is experiencing a series of moves by Japanese automotive parts manufacturers debuting in China and increasing production capacities there. Aisin AW has built a new plant to produce four-speed automatic transmissions. Calsonic Kansei has built a new plant to produce compressors, and NGK Spark Plug built a plant for manufacturing oxygen sensors.

 There are also moves toward forming joint venture companies with local automakers. Tachi-S has built a seat fabricating plant in Zhejiang province jointly with Geely Holding Group and Kasai Kogyo built an interior trim parts plant in Anhui province jointly with Chery Automobile.

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