Q8 (Audi)

Jan 16, 2023

On January 10, Audi announced that it sold over 1,614,231 vehicles last year, which was close to the previous year’s level, down 3.9%, despite prolonged supply bottlenecks and major challenges in the logistics chain. However, it delivered 118,196 electric models to customers last year, which is 44.3% more than in 2021.
The high demand for the all-electric models Audi Q4 e-tron, Audi e-tron GT quattro, and Audi e-tron affirms its clear decision in favor of an all-electric future. The new Audi Q8 e-tron has already received many preorders ahead of its market launch in the spring of 2023.
Starting in 2026, Audi will only introduce all-electric cars to the global market.

Based on Audi press release

Jan 07, 2023

On January 6, at CES 2023, BlackBerry Ltd. and PATEO, a leading Internet of Vehicles (IoV) technology and product provider in China, announced that Dongfeng Motor has selected a BlackBerry IVY-powered PATEO Digital Cockpit for the it's next-generation, all-electric VOYAH H97, following the successful completion of a proof of concept (POC) project.
Set to enter mass production in 2024, the premium BlackBerry IVY-enabled VOYAH H97 model will also incorporate Electra Vehicles, Inc.'s BlackBerry IVY-powered AI battery management solution – EVE-Ai - designed to provide real-time recommendations for battery management to improve EV range and lifetime
With PATEO's network of partners encompassing intelligent voice, entertainment / content, vehicle health monitoring, and secure payments, the company plans to further deploy BlackBerry IVY to Chinese automakers.
BlackBerry IVY is a scalable, cloud-connected software platform co-developed with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS).

(BlackBerry press release on January 5, 2023)

Jan 05, 2023

Movon Corporation (Movon) announced that it will join the CES 2023, a technology show in January 2023 in Las Vegas, the U.S., to exhibit MDSM-22. MDSM-22 is a driver monitoring system product based on artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning technology. It detects facial contour, face position, and the degree of opening and closing of the eyes and mouth using an IR camera mounted in front of the driver. The AI algorithm automatically alerts the driver by sounding an alarm when it recognizes the driver having sleepiness, not looking ahead carefully, using a cell phone, smoking, or not wearing a seat belt. Also, its near-infrared camera ensures high-level recognition even when driving at night or in tunnels. (From a press release on January 5, 2023)

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