HMI for Automobiles in the New Normal Era - CEATEC 2021 Online Exhibition

Non-contact control, occupant monitoring systems, software development support, etc.



  The CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) 2021 event, organized by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association), was held online this year, for the second consecutive year due to the COVID-19 pandemic (main event period: October 19 (Tuesday) to 22 (Friday), 2021). As stated in the promotional slogan of the exhibition, "CEATEC -Toward Society 5.0 with the New Normal," the exhibition was characterized by many proposals for non-contact input/output devices from various companies for hygienic and other reasons.

  The major challenges for automotive HMIs (human machine interfaces) today are how to communicate large amounts of information to the driver in the midst of advances in autonomous driving and connected technologies, how the driver can safely operate complex functions, and how systems can understand and assist the driver's condition. This report focuses on some of the technologies that provide hints for these issues. Specifically, these include aerial controls that allow the driver to operate the vehicle with his or her hands in the air (hands free), haptic technology that conveys information more intuitively, and systems related to occupant monitoring systems that monitor the driver's condition and provide support through the system. In addition, studies have begun on remote monitoring systems for unmanned, automated driving.

  Furthermore, an enormous amount of software development is required to create such new HMIs, and the complexity of the development workflow, the huge amount of man-hours, and the difficulty of maintaining the resulting software quality are major issues in the field. This report will also cover the tools that support the development of such HMIs.

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