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CEATEC 2020: On-line exhibits including Kyocera, Alps Alpine, and Zenrin



Kyocera concept car Moeye (Source: Kyocera)

  The effects of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) are beginning to create a New Normal. Borne from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) was held online for the first time, unexpectedly indicating a new form for this event.

  In this report, we will introduce the exhibition contents of five companies which had interesting exhibits of automotive-related content: Kyocera, Alps Alpine, Zenrin, Catana Corporation, and Mitsubishi Electric. We will also present the company names and exhibit topics of companies registered under the search term “automotive”.


CEATEC: First online conference and exhibition

  Holding the exhibition online for the first time was a new experience in many ways. The things which changed the most were the exhibition and participation in the conferences. Previously, participants would register for conferences in advance on the website, then go to the venue. Many have probably experienced being unable to register for popular conferences that were closed due to a flood of applicants. The advantages of the online exhibition and conference are that registration in advance was not required and it was possible to participate easily in the conferences through the schedule on the official website. In addition, it was possible to attend presentations that were being held at the same time, going back and forth. Another major advantage is the ability to re-watch major conferences even after the event had ended.

  Each company’s exhibition also showed ingenuity. The exhibition booths were matched to the online exhibition, with each company participating through web-based exhibits. While it is typical at an actual exhibition to walk around the exhibition space with a map in hand, at the CEATEC 2020, it was possible to visit the websites from links in a list of companies obtained as online search results. The ability to see more company exhibits was a big advantage. Of course, there is nothing better than seeing and touching exhibits in person, and it is undeniable that some of the online exhibits were lacking. Nevertheless, the effective use of images and graphics that make use of online features to explain the exhibit is an exhibition method which can only be described as online.


Reference: MarkLines CEATEC 2020 coverage information

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