1st ReVision Next-Generation Vehicle Summit: Presentations by Sony and Nissan

Cars and Technologies of the Future: EVs, autonomous driving, and connectivity



  This report provides the key points of the presentations by the Sony Group and Nissan at the first ReVision Next Generation Vehicle Summit.

  Mr. Izumi Kawanishi, Executive Vice President, AI Robotics Business, Senior General Manager of AI Robotics Business Group, Sony Group Corporation, gave a presentation entitled "VISION-S Project: The Car of the Future and Lifestyle Changes".

  The Sony Group Corporation (Sony Group) is developing the VISION-S Prototype with an awareness of what the Sony Group can do to contribute to the development of mobility in the future. The products handled by the AI Robotics Business Group, of which Mr. Kawanishi is in charge, including the Aibo autonomous entertainment robot, the Airpeak drone, and the VISION-S Prototype that aims for automated driving from ADAS, all have autonomous movement in common. With the shift from cell phones to smartphones, platformers have emerged, and hardware and services based on their standards (such as Android and iOS) have created an environment in which a large number of users can receive standardized services. It was thought that a similar change would occur in the world of mobility as a result of the trends in CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, electrific), so the Sony Group started to develop EVs.

  Mr. Toshiro Muramatsu, General Manager, Connected Technology Development and Service Operation Department, Connected Car and Services Engineering Division, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) gave a presentation titled "Vehicle Technology Moving Forward". Mr. Muramatsu is in charge of connected cars, so he explained his perspectives on the future prospects of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, mainly focusing on connectivity.

  As an overview of the connected car and service configuration, the presentation provided an overall picture of the system in which the in-vehicle system and cloud server are linked to external services, the main services provided by Nissan Connect renewed in 2019, the ProPILOT 2.0 system, as well as the new technology installed in the Nissan Ariya, for which the company has already started accepting orders.

  As for the future outlook, the above "Overview of the connected car and service configuration" is not expected to change significantly. The presentation showed the direction of the project to develop individual functions in response to environmental changes and the evolution of technology. At the same time, the idea that the evolution of intelligence and energy management in individual vehicles will evolve into collective intelligence, cooperation, and mass management was presented.

VISION-S Prototype Nissan Ariya
Sony's VISION-S Prototype
(Source: Sony Group)
Nissan Ariya (Electrified, Automated, and Connected)
(Source: Nissan)

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