Automotive World 2021: MaaS, Autonomous Driving, and Connected Cars

Self-driving taxi field testing, HMI-related solutions, cloud services, etc.



  At the Automotive World 2021 event (Period: January 20-22, 2021, Venue: Tokyo Big Sight), the 1st MaaS Expo, the 4th Autonomous Driving Technology Expo, and the 9th Connected Car Japan Expo, booths of various companies showcased the details of autonomous driving and MaaS field testing that have recently been conducted in various parts of Japan.

  Although the number of overseas companies that had been actively exhibiting in recent years, such as Chinese companies introducing robo-taxis and sensing-related Israeli startup companies, was low due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were also exhibits such as LiDAR and in-vehicle software, for which practical applications are advancing. Also, at the booths of trading companies that handle electronic components and other products, HMI-related solutions were introduced, such as new voice recognition technology, non-contact technology, and 3D displays.

オートモーティブ ワールド 2021 入口受付 オートモーティブ ワールド 2021 会場
Automotive World 2021 entrance reception area Automotive World 2021 exhibition area


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