Automotive Interiors Expo 2021 Europe

Innovative materials, smart surfaces, lighting technologies, HMI concepts



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Event logo (Automotive Interiors Expo 2021 Europe, organized by © 2021 UKi Media & Events, a division of UKIP Media & Events Ltd)

  The Automotive Interiors Expo Europe is an annual three-day event organized by UKi Media & Events, a division of UKIP Media & Events Ltd. This year it was held from November 9th to 11th in Stuttgart, Germany. Last year the show had been cancelled due to the COVID19 pandemic. This event is also held in Novi, Michigan for the US market once a year.

  There were 123 exhibitors. They presented their latest innovations, technologies and products in the field of automotive interior design and HMI. The exhibition was mainly attended by Tier 1 suppliers and interior design specialists from OEMs. The total number of visitors was 2,500.


  The visitors could not only discover different fabrics, acoustical materials, shape-forming materials, foams, fasteners and adhesive systems, but also innovative instrument panels, steering wheels, operating controls, displays and lighting concepts. Besides exploring novelties at the booths, the visitors also had the possibility to attend a total of 23 technology presentations.

  At the Expo the following three big trends could be seen:

  1. ShyTech design, such as hidden-until-lit functions, was clearly one of the major trends at the expo. This technology is mainly enabled by in-mold electronics technology.
  2. Furthermore, numerous innovative lighting concepts show the increasing importance not only of decorative, but also functional lighting, both inside as well as outside the car.
  3. Since electrification of vehicles is becoming more widespread, conventional radiator grilles lose their function. This paves the way for the application of smart decorative illuminated front panels. These customizable panels can not only be used to enhance the brand image of a car, but also to communicate with other traffic participants by showing messages as a step towards autonomous driving.

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Event banner 2022 (Automotive Interiors Expo 2021 Europe, organized by © 2021 UKi Media & Events, a division of UKIP Media & Events Ltd)

  Next year's event is planned to take place in Stuttgart again, from November 8th till 10th, 2022

  This report gives an overview of some of the exhibitors and their products on display at the show.


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