Autonomous, connectivity and HMI activities of Western suppliers - Part 2

Continental highlights digitalization, Schaeffler shows mobility concepts and drive systems



  Large automotive suppliers, such as Continental, tend towards a development strategy that encompasses as many trends as possible including autonomy, connectivity, mobility and HMI. Continental's Transformation 2019-2029 strategic program consists of focusing efforts on strengthening profitable growth areas, such as automated and assisted driving systems, vehicle connectivity, and other intelligent products. Continental has increased development in automotive cybersecurity through its Argus Cyber Security subsidiary. It also supports AI development, as it plans to more than double the number of employees specializing in AI to 1,900 by 2022.

Continental CUbE vehicle
Continental CUbE vehicle

  Continental is also engaged in several activities to explore new mobility applications. For example, Continental has formed a partnership with the city of Hamburg for future development of urban mobility. The two entities will implement and test projects such as collision warning systems and sensor-based in-vehicle detection of open parking spaces. Similarly, Continental has shown its Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE) autonomous electric concept, which can be used as an autonomous taxi, shuttle, or mobile hub for autonomous package delivery.

  In contrast, Schaeffler is currently focused on its Space Drive drive-by-wire system, and its Intelligent Corner Module system which integrates all drive and chassis components into a single unit for each wheel. Schaeffler has also showcased various unique mobility concepts including the Schaeffler Mover platform.

  This report is part of a series which highlights the activities of the largest European and U.S. automotive suppliers as related to autonomous, connectivity, mobility and HMI technology from January 2019 through July 2020. This report focuses on the activities of Continental and Schaeffler.

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