Autonomous, connectivity and HMI activities of Western suppliers - Part 3

ZF acquires WABCO, Aptiv forms Motional JV with Hyundai, Magna focuses on driver assist systems



ZF autonomous ride-hailing demonstration vehicle

  ZF, Aptiv and Magna have employed varying strategic approaches on autonomous technologies, often with developing systems in other automotive areas that provide additional support for autonomous vehicles. ZF has focused on developing technologies for a variety of applications across all autonomy levels, from fully autonomous capabilities for commercial vehicles to driver assistance systems for personal passenger cars. ZF has partnered with e.GO and Transdev to create a series of e.GO Mover electric vehicles with autonomous capabilities for public transportation and goods delivery. Furthermore, ZF's acquisition of WABCO in May 2020 expanded its portfolio of autonomous and connectivity technologies for the commercial vehicle segment.

  Compared to ZF, Magna and Aptiv have taken more targeted approaches towards autonomy. Magna initially formed a partnership with Lyft in 2018 to help develop fully autonomous vehicles. However, in 2020, Magna announced that it would shift its efforts away from developing fully autonomous driving technologies in SAE autonomy levels 4 and 5 to assisted driving systems across levels 1 through 3.

  Aptiv's development of autonomous technologies focuses more on fully autonomous vehicles with systems designed for autonomy levels 4 and 5. Aptiv has also partnered with Lyft to provide autonomous taxi rides in Las Vegas, having provided 100,000 through February 2020. Furthermore, Aptiv and Hyundai invested USD 4 billion to create their Motional joint venture for level 4 autonomous driving systems in March 2020.

  This report is part of a series which highlights the activities of the largest European and U.S. automotive suppliers as related to autonomous, connectivity, mobility and HMI technology from January 2019 through July 2020. This report focuses on the activities of ZF, Aptiv and Magna.


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