Autonomous, connectivity and HMI activities of Western suppliers - Part 1

Bosch and Marelli develop wide range of sensors, ADAS, HMI and connectivity systems



Bosch IoT Shuttle
Bosch IoT Shuttle

  In recent years, automotive suppliers have continued to develop technologies and systems in the fields of autonomy, connectivity, mobility and HMI. Each of these areas play a role in improving the user experience and providing alternative modes of mobility. Suppliers and automakers have also combined technologies and systems from these fields with electrification technologies to create concepts and vehicles with applications beyond personal transportation. For example, Bosch has shown an IoT shuttle concept, an electric driverless shuttle capable of switching between passenger transportation and cargo transportation based on demand.

  Bosch's strategy focuses on expanding its portfolio across the fields of autonomy, connectivity, mobility and HMI through both in-house development and through partnerships, capital investments and alliances. Since 2019, Bosch's capital investment arm, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH, has invested in various start-ups. Bosch has worked with Mercedes-Benz on multiple projects, including the development of an automated driverless parking system at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. During the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020, Bosch will invest more than EUR 1 billion in electromobility, autonomy and connectivity, including at least EUR 600 million in autonomous technologies and EUR 100 million on connectivity solutions.

  On the other hand, while Marelli has efforts in autonomy, connectivity and HMI, it is focusing on specific areas of all three fields. Marelli focuses on the development and integration of vehicle sensors in regards to autonomous technologies. For connectivity, Marelli provides telematic boxes as well as cybersecurity solutions. In HMI, Marelli focuses on the development of unique displays and screens.

  This report is part of a series which highlights the activities of the largest European and U.S. automotive suppliers as related to autonomous, connectivity and HMI technology from January 2019 through July 2020. This report focuses on the activities of Bosch and Marelli.

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