High-Performance Sensing Technology for Fully Autonomous Driving

Automotive World Nagoya 2019: From technical sessions by Velodyne Lidar and Valeo



Alpha Puck
A vehicle equipped with Velodyne Lidar’s “Alpha Puck” LiDAR system on its roof

  At Automotive World Nagoya, held from September 18th to 20th 2019, Velodyne Lidar and Valeo Japan presented the latest information regarding their respective LiDAR technologies in the technical session “High-Performance Sensing Technology for Autonomous Driving.”

  As autonomous driving technology advances, sensors known as LiDAR are gaining attention. This report will cover the presentations provided by the two companies, and explain the basics of LiDAR and the differences from radar, a similar technology.

  In the lectures from the two companies, there was a clear indication that neither would focus their businesses solely on sensor components, but instead actively aim to expand into new businesses in the era of autonomous driving.


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