Tokyo Motor Show 2013: Suppliers display EV/HV components

Exhibits include drive systems, air conditioning and braking technologies



 The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show was held from November 20th to December 1st, 2013. This report covers the parts and technologies associated with electric vehicles (EV), hybrid vehicles (HV), and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV) exhibited by parts suppliers. Aside from the EV/HV drive system technologies, air conditioning and braking technologies were also exhibited that were designed to solve problems unique to EV/HV. Exhibits of start/stop system technologies for gasoline-fueled vehicles are summarized at the end of the report.

 In June 2011, five German OEMs announced an agreement regarding the standardization of the 48V on-board power supply asking the parts suppliers to cooperate. First models adopting the 48V power supply technology are expected to reach markets in 2016. In this regard, European suppliers (Bosch, Continental AG, Schaeffler) exhibited platforms with a 48V power supply, lithium-ion batteries and mild HV systems.

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