EV/FCV/CNGV: Which fuel will redraw energy map of future?

Investigation into OEMs'arguments from Tokyo Motor Show



 The concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 unveiled a notable trend that the Electric Vehicles (EVs) were on a downhill course. Today's internal combustion engines (ICEs) have become highly fuel efficient and are still the most favored power source. The question is what will be the power source of the future vehicles, electricity, fuel cell, or compressed natural gas (CNG). This report shares some findings from a comparative study on the pros and cons of relevant technologies in relation to social needs. Incidentally, the recent progress in the shale gas drilling technology is completely redrawing the distribution map of natural resources. As a result, vehicles fueled by shale gas, Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles (CNGVs), are reaching both developed and emerging markets. Because of its good combustion characteristics and the affordability, natural gas may become the optimal fuel for green vehicles.

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