Prius (Toyota)

Aug 20, 2021

On August 19, Toyota Motor Corporation said that it would reduce its production by 40% in September, resulting in a production decline of 360,000 units to 440,000 units for the month. Of the production cuts, approximately 140,000 units will be cut in Japan, 80,000 in the U.S., 80,000 in China, 40,000 in Europe, and 18,000 in other regions. Despite the reduced production, Toyota will maintain its annual production forecast of 9.3 million vehicles.
The reduced production will affect models including the Toyota Corolla, Prius and Land Cruiser. The semiconductor chip shortage affected Toyota less compared to other automakers due to its larger stock. However, the recent surge of the coronavirus in Southeast Asia combined with the existing chip shortage led to the production cut.

(Detroit News article on August 19, 2021)
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Apr 26, 2021

On April 12, Nuro announced that its Nuro’s R2 autonomous delivery vehicle has begun bringing Domino’s pizzas to select customers in Houston, Texas.
Dominos’ willingness to incorporate R2 into their service is a testament to their commitment to innovation and constantly improving the customer experience.
While the launch marks the beginning of the Nuro’s R2 service in Houston, the company has been in the area for quite some time, mapping and testing, and working with other partners using its own fleet of custom Prius vehicles.

(Nuro release on April 12, 2021)

Mar 30, 2021

Several South Korean media sources reported that Hyundai Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hyundai Industrial) has invested USD 1.4 million (about JPY 154.56 million) in Amprius Technologies, Inc. (Amprius Technologies), a US manufacturer of negative electrode materials for secondary batteries. The shareholding ratio is unpublicized. Amprius Technologies has the technology to manufacture silicon nanowire anode for batteries. Ahead of this investment, Hyundai Industrial invested in South Korean secondary battery separator coating manufacturer, Enerever Battery Solution Co., Ltd., and an all-solid-state battery developer, Solivis Inc. (From various releases dated March 30, 2021)

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