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Feb 22, 2019

On February 21, Consumers Reports released its findings in determining the best cars sold in the U.S. market in 2019.
Each year Consumer Reports tests nearly 50 new cars and analyzes data from 470,000 respondents of its Auto Survey, evaluating safety features, government and insurance industry crash tests, reliability, customer satisfaction, technology, fuel economy, and performance.
Toyota dominated the top-in-class list with its models winning four of the top ten positions, while Subaru won in two classes, as well as best overall brand.
For 2019, the winners of each category were: Toyota Avalon hybrid (Large car), BMX X5 (Luxury SUV), Toyota Camry hybrid (Midsize Car), Subaru Ascent (Midsize SUV), Audi A4 (Compact Luxury Car), Subaru Forester (Compact SUV ), Toyota Yaris (Subcompact Car), Hyundai Kona (Subcompact SUV), Toyota Prius (Hybrid/electric Car), and Ford F-150 (Full-size Pickup).
The top ten brand ratings went to: (1) Subaru, (2) Genesis, (3) Porsche, (4) Audi, (5) Lexus, (6) Mazda, (7) BMW, (8) Lincoln, (9) Toyota, and (10) Hyundai.
The bottom three brands were: (31) Land Rover, (32) Jaguar and (33) Fiat.

(Consumer Reports release on February 21, 2019) (Detroit News article on February 21, 2019)

Jan 21, 2019

On January 18, Toyota informed that the current, fourth generation Prius marked further advances in refinement, driving pleasure and innovation.
Now Prius is taking the next step forward in the hybrid driving experience with introduction of an intelligent, electric all-wheel drive system.
Optionally available on the new 2019 Prius, AWD-i is a compact and lightweight system that operates automatically to support the driver in common scenarios where extra grip is needed. The system automatically engages when pulling away from standstill, and at higher speeds when it detects a loss of traction, for example on snow, ice and wet roads. The result is a more secure drive in difficult conditions and added peace of mind for the driver.
All versions of the new Prius will be equipped with the second generation Toyota Safety Sense, with enhanced performance of systems to detect and warn the driver of accident risks and to initiate braking and steering adjustments to help prevent a collision, keep the car to its correct path and a safe distance from vehicles ahead, or reduce the consequences if an impact is inevitable.
The new Prius with AWD-i will initially be launched in selected western Europe markets, including Scandinavia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, the UK and Ireland. The roll-out will extend to other Central and Eastern European markets in the future.

Toyota Press Release

Dec 20, 2018

On December 18, Nuro announced that it has launched the first-ever unmanned delivery service for the general public in Scottsdale, Arizona in partnership with grocery retailer Kroger.
Nuro’s self-driving R1 delivery pod is electric and travels on public roads at speeds up to 25 mph.
Customers pay a flat fee of USD 5.95 for same-day or next-day delivery of their ordered groceries.
After placing an order on their smartphone or laptop, customers will get a text message when the groceries are on their way.
Another message will alert them when the grocery delivery is curbside.
Once the vehicle arrives, the customer will receive a punch code to open the doors of the vehicle.
In the early stages of deployment, the unmanned R1 delivery vehicles will be followed by a “shadow car” driven by a human with the ability to stop or control it.
Nuro’s pilot program with Kroger using a fleet of self-driving Priuses has completed approximately 1,000 deliveries since August 2018.
Based in Mountain View, California, Nuro has been testing the R1 autonomous delivery pod since 2016.

(Nuro blog on December 18, 2018) (Detroit News article on December 18, 2018)

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