Toyota Business Fair 2022: CO2 reduction of next-generation automobiles and parts

Next-generation EVs, EV cooling, fuel cells, weight reduction, anti-COVID seats, etc.



  The 12th Toyota Business Fair (Date: March 10 (Thursday) to March 11 (Friday), 2022; Venue: Sky Hall Toyota) was organized by Toyota City and the Toyota Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This exhibition is held annually in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, and this year marks the 12th year. One hundred companies and organizations, including the local Toyota Motor Corporation, exhibited. The theme of the exhibition was "Creating a Sustainable Future”. The event provided a venue for "manufacturing" companies, mainly in the automotive industry in the area surrounding Toyota City, to exchange information and conduct business meetings. Among them, this report covers exhibits such as next-generation automobiles and parts manufacturing oriented toward CO2 reduction.

View of the venue View of the venue
12th Toyota Business Fair 2022
Venue view
12th Toyota Business Fair 2022
Venue view

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