Asian OEM Electrification Strategies, Including EV Product Timelines - Part 1

Toyota’s size attracts collaboration and partnership opportunities from Subaru, Mazda and Suzuki



  As one of the world's largest automakers, Toyota's electrification targets are similarly large, as the OEM aims to achieve annual electrified vehicle sales of 5.5 million by 2025. Its size, large resource pool and previous experience with electrified vehicles, particularly in hybrids, make Toyota an attractive partner for collaboration and partnerships. Toyota has partnered with BYD and CATL for the purposes of battery development and procurement. In addition, Suzuki, Subaru and Mazda have all formed partnerships with Toyota for various degrees of electrification development.

  The electrified vehicle lineups of Toyota, Suzuki, Subaru and Mazda are heavily slanted towards hybrid vehicles. In particular, Suzuki's current electrified lineup consists solely of hybrid models. Despite this, all four OEMs indicate a trend away from purely hybrid vehicles. Toyota launched the Corolla/Levin plug-in hybrid in 2019 with plans to launch a plug-in hybrid version of the RAV4. Subaru's most recent electrified model is the plug-in hybrid Crosstrek Hybrid compact crossover, while Mazda showcased the battery electric MX-30 compact crossover at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Even Suzuki unveiled the Waku Spo plug-in hybrid city car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, indicating a possible future direction for the company.

Toyota Prius Nissan Leaf e+
Toyota Prius Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid
Source: Subaru

  This report is part of a series of reports which provides and overview of current and future electrification strategies of major OEMs. This report focuses on the strategies of Toyota, Subaru, Mazda and Suzuki. Previous reports focused on the electrification strategies of U.S., German and other European OEMs.

Chart showing partnerships and collaborations between Toyota and other OEMs as related to electrified vehicles Number of electrified vehicle models offered by year
Note: Future models are included only if a preliminary launch date has been announced


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