Nittan Valve Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



518 Soya, Hadano-shi, Kanagawa Pref., 257-0031 Japan

Business Overview

-Manufactures engine valves for automobiles, precision forged gears, NT-VCP (Variable Valve Timing systems), valve lifters, roller rocker arms, etc.

-In the fiscal year that ended in March 2020, sales of small engine valves accounted for nearly 77.2% of company-wide sales.

-Since 1978, the Company has been in a financial and technology partnership with Eaton Corporation of the U.S.A.


Financial Results Highlights

-The Company’s financial results for the fiscal year that ended in March 2021 are as follows.
Consolidated sales: JPY 34.7 billion (18.3% decrease year-over-year)
Operating income: JPY 18 million (98.6% decrease year-over-year)
Ordinary income: JPY 375 million (76.6% decrease year-over-year)
Current net profit attributable to the parent-company’s shareholders: JPY 670 million (55.3% increase year-over-year)


-Listed on the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2021)
Name or Company Name Equity Ratio (%)
Eaton Corporation 21.63
KSD-KB 4.79
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. 4.53
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 4.29
Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd. 3.82
Individual Shareholder 2.82
SNT Corporation 1.80
Employees' Stock Ownership Association 1.70
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company 1.56
Total 50.62


Engine valves / Valve lifters

-Engine valves

  • Hollow head valves
  • hollow stem engine valve

-Valve lifters
-Lash Adjusters
-Roller rocker arms

Precision forging
-Bevel gears
-Pinion gears
-Drive gears


Nov. 1948 Separated from former Nihon Tanko Co., Ltd. as a result of the company reconstruction law of Corporate restructuring, Nittan Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established.
Jul. 1961 Company name changed to Nittan Valve Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1962 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Oct. 1962 Acquired land in Soya, Hatano, and built a plant to start mass production of valves for vehicles (second rationalization project).
May 1963 Technical tie-up with BLW in West Germany to manufacture precision forged gears.
Mar. 1966 Headquarters moved to the current location. (Yaesu, Tokyo)
Apr. 1969 Established Taiwan Nittan Industrial Co., Ltd. ,a joint venture, and transferred manufacturing technology for engine valves.
Jun. 1978 Tie-up with Eaton in the U.S.A. for technology, capital, and sales.
1979 Established Hadano Seiki and Shinwa Shoji Ltd., Co. as related companies.
Aug. 1980 Concluded joint development agreement with regard to oil pressure valve lifters with Eaton. (USA)
Aug. 1982 Built a lifter plant in Hadano Seisakusho and started manufacturing small oil pressure valve lifters.
Dec. 1982 Technical tie-up with Eaton in the U.S. for manufacturing of oil pressure valve lifters.
Aug. 1987 Started manufacturing oil pressure valve lifters in Sanyo Plant.
Nov. 1987 Introduced forging machines in Taiwan Nittan Industrial Co., Ltd. in Taiwan to establish a integrated production system.
Mar. 1988 Established U.S. Engine Valve Corporation as a joint venture with Eaton (USA) in South Carolina, USA.
Sep. 1988 U.S. Engine Valve Corporation started to supply its products to Japanese vehicles in the U.S.
Feb. 1992 Built a marine engine valve plant at Hadano seisakusho and started production.
Jan. 1994 Started contracted production of engine valves for Japanese vehicles in Europe in a tie-up with Eaton Italy.
Apr. 1995 Established a joint venture Shinwa Precision Co., Ltd. in Korea for manufacturing of oil pressure valve lifters.
Jun. 1995 Established a joint venture, P.T. Federal Nittan Industries, in Indonesia for manufacturing of engine valves.
Jan. 1997 Established a joint venture, Nittan Thailand Company in Thailand for manufacturing of engine valves.
Oct. 1997 Established a stock holding company, Asia Nittan PTE Ltd. in Singapore.
Jan. 1998 Established a joint venture, Shanghai Eaton Engine Components Company, in China for manufacturing of engine valves and oil pressure valve lifters.
Oct. 1999 Hadano Plant and Sanyo Plant acquired QS9000.
Jul. 2000 Head Office was moved to Hadano and Tokyo Branch was opened.
Oct. 2000 Plant dedicated to NT-VCP was acquired in Hirasawa, Hadano.
Mar. 2001 Head office/Hadano Plant and Sanyo Plant acquired ISO14001.
Dec. 2002 Hirasawa Plant acquired QS9000.
Apr. 2003 Guangzhou Nittan Valve Co., Ltd. was established in China, with Taiwan Nittan Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2003 Hirasawa Plant acquired ISO14001.
Mar. 2004 Beijing Yoosung Shinhwa Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. was established , with Shinwa Precision Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2005 Hadano Valve Plant, Gear Plant, Hirasawa Plant and Sanyo Plant acquired ISO/TS16949.
Aug. 2006 In line with the project to redevelop the Hadano area, the Company transferred its production lines from the Shimizu Plant (Shimizu-cho, Hadano) to Horiyamashita in the same city. The new plant was named the Horiyamashita Plant.
Aug. 2008 Sold a portion of the shares held in Shinwa Precision Co., Ltd., changing the company's status to an affiliate accounted for under the equity method of accounting, from a consolidated subsidiary.
Aug. 2008 Increased its stake in U.S. Engine Valve, making it a consolidated subsidiary.
Aug. 2008 Established a global management company, Nittan Global Tech Co., Ltd., (located in Shinjuku, Tokyo), which is a a joint venture with US Eaton Corporation based in the U.S.A.
Aug. 2008 Established an engine valve manufacturing joint venture, Nittan Euro Tech sp.z o.o., in Poland with Eaton Corporation based in the U.S.A.
Jul. 2009 Established KN-Tech Co., Ltd. in Korea, a joint-venture company to manufacture engine valves for vehicles and marine vessels.
Feb. 2011 Liquidated Asia Nittan PTE Ltd., which was located in Singapore.
Apr. 2012 Established Nittan Vietnam Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Vietnam to manufacture engine valves.
Mar. 2013 Established Nittan India Tech Pvt. Ltd. in India to manufacture engine valves.
Dec. 2014 Established Rizhao Yoosung Shinhwa Automobile Part Co., Ltd., in order to manufacture and sell hydraulic valve lifters in China; through an investment from Shinhwa Precision Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2018 Established Rizhao Nittan Valve Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in China, for the purpose of manufacturing and selling engine valves.
Mar. 2019 Established Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Corp., Europe Branch Office, in France; and Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Tanger Maroc SARL, in Morocco.
Apr. 2021 Established a joint venture company, Rizhao SP Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd. with Yoosung Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Cooper (China) Co., Ltd. aimed at manufacture and distribution of valve lifters in China.

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