ReVision Autonomous & ADAS Summit 2023

Charting the journey from current ADAS to the future of autonomous driving and the car



  Just as last year, the ReVision Autonomous Driving and ADAS Summit 2023, held on October 5 at the Belle Salle Kudan conference center (Kudan-Kita, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo), featured a keynote speech by international automotive journalist Kazuo Shimizu, as well as various reports on current issues and future plans from leading experts in many fields.

  Toyota Motor Corporation and Mazda Motor Corporation reported on their actual product development efforts, mainly for the Japan domestic market, while global mega-suppliers such as Mobileye Global Inc. (Mobileye) and Continental AG (Continental) reported on their activities and future prospects from a broader perspective.

  In addition to the technical content, many participants may have found the proposals to be a fresh impression on law-related topics that are rarely touched upon by lawyers, and included unfamiliar terms such as safety standards, criminal liability, and judgment of negligence.

  Experts from various fields reported on many software-related topics, which intensified our awareness that the current trend related to the SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) is taking root. There were a number of presentations that looked at the future of autonomous driving and cars from various perspectives and with deep insight. The contents of each presentation are introduced below along with the slides used.

ADASサミット2023 清水和夫氏 P.10
ReVision Autonomous & ADAS Summit 2023
Venue: Belle Salle Kudan, Tokyo
Disruptive innovation by wire brake
(Source: Kazuo Shimizu, Keynote speech)


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