Japan Mobility Show 2023: The value of AD and ADAS as mobility

Autonomous commercial vehicles, image recognition, travel comfort equipment



  The Tokyo Motor Show, renamed the Japan Mobility Show, was held for the first time in four years from October 25th to November 5th, 2023. 

  There were few introductions of new AD/ADAS (Autonomous Driving / Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems)-related technologies because the main focus of the event was on concept cars and new models by automakers. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. exhibited its driverless taxi service business in central Tokyo starting from early 2026, and the Cruise Origin vehicle that will be used for this business among General Motors, its self-driving unit, Cruise, and Honda. In addition, efforts to conduct field testing equivalent to Level 4 autonomous driving for commercial vehicles, which are primarily used for transportation and cargo handling, were introduced. 

  As for AD and ADAS sensing technologies, Mobileye Global Inc. (Mobileye), which has an established reputation for image recognition technology, presented a demonstration of its high-performance LiDAR, and Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and MinebeaMitsumi Inc. also exhibited LiDAR-related products. Tier 1 supplier and OEM activity related to LiDAR is strong, foreshadowing an increased use of LiDAR as the adoption of Level 2+ AD hands-off capabilities in urban areas becomes more widespread. 

  Yazaki Corporation introduced its driver monitoring system, a technology that detects signs of sudden changes in physical condition from driver's gesturesand biological information. In addition, the comfort seats exhibited by NHK Spring Co., Ltd. (Nippatsu) and the high-performance audio system jointly developed by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Yamaha Corporation are expected to be equipment that will further enhance the comfort of autonomous driving. This event was a show that truly demonstrated the value of AD and ADAS as mobility from various perspectives.

モービルアイ LiDAR認識画像 矢崎総業 ドライバー見守りシステム
Mobileye LiDAR recognition image Yazaki Corporation driver monitoring system


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