ReVision Autonomous & ADAS Summit 2022

The forefront of autonomous driving and software-defined vehicles



  The ReVision Autonomous & ADAS Summit 2022 (October 13, 2022, venue: Belle Salle Kudan, Tokyo), organized by ReVision Auto&Mobility, started with recommendations from journalists who are familiar with ADAS. In the first part of the session, various activities that will have an impact on AD/ADAS (Autonomous Driving / Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) trends were introduced. In the second part of the presentation, the key technologies supporting AD/ADAS were introduced, including software updates, 3D map data, sensor fusion, AI, and the use of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) and cloud computing. Three car manufacturers, a global mega-supplier, and leaders in each technology field continued by introducing their latest major technologies. The event was so rich in content that it was difficult to digest all of the information.

  International automotive journalist Kazuo Shimizu made a proposal on the universal subject of the relationship between autonomous driving and safety, and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) and Subaru Corporation (Subaru) introduced their development bases and joint development activities within the industry as part of their efforts to achieve their respective envisioned future societies. Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) reported on a case study of a software update service to improve the functionality of vehicles already on the market, and Wipro Limited (Wipro), as an Indian multinational corporation that provides engineering services to non-Japanese automakers, presented some of the the latest information associated with innovations in onboard computers, cloud computing, and business models in the automotive industry. SBD Automotive Japan reported on the status of autonomous driving and ADAS at the OEM level.

  As for major technologies, SDV-related trends were introduced by Continental AG (Continental) and Renesas Electronics Corporation (Renesas Electronics). As examples of the use of driving-related collected data, Nexar Japan Inc. reported on its technology for constructing automated driving simulation scenarios using drive recorder information and AI, and Nira Dynamics AB (NIRA) reported on its technology for utilizing road surface information. As for map-related topics, HD Map (high-definition 3D map data) technology and trends were introduced by Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd.

ReVision Autonomous & ADAS Summit 2022 Software Defined Vehicle
ReVision Autonomous & ADAS Summit 2022
Exploring front-line challenges to a future led by autonomous driving and ADAS
(Source: ReVision)
Wipro Engineering Division CTO: Establishing competitive advantage with SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) as a driving force
(Source: Wipro)

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