CEATEC JAPAN 2019: Mobility solutions for 2030

Taxis and buses using AI, evolving HMI, and flying car technologies



  The CEATEC JAPAN 2019 (Dates: October 15-18, 2019, Venue: Makuhari Messe) exhibition was held with the theme of “Connected Society, Co-Creating the Future” with exhibits from all industrial sectors with the aim of realizing the “Society 5.0 (Super Smart Society)". The exhibition consisted of 5 areas: “Total Solution”, “Smart X” and “Device & Technology” exhibits at the company/group exhibition area, and “Society 5.0 TOWN” and “Co-Creation PARK” exhibits at the organizer's planning area. The “Society 5.0 TOWN” is a special exhibition that proposes solutions and services that integrate goods and services such as energy, transportation, and infrastructure that are expected to be realized in a future “town” in 2030 wherein an exhibit of diverse mobility technologies merging CASE and MaaS was shown.

  In the automotive field, there were exhibits that presented data collection used on connected cars, data analysis and effective use of AI, smartphone linkage services, and EV battery reuse. Moreover, the exhibition of “flying cars”, which is being worked on in public and private sectors, attracted attention and related technologies were introduced.

Scenes at the CEATEC JAPAN 2019 venue DeNA: Introducing taxi dispatch app MOV, and solar-powered roads and streetlights.

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