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Mar 02, 2024

On February 29, after Ford announced that it was making adapters available to its EV owners for use at tesla supercharger sites across the U.S. and Canada, Tesla announced that that Rivian, GM, Volvo and Polestar are next in line for Supercharger access.

Tesla listed the four new automakers as getting access to Superchargers in “Spring 2024” following the onboarding of Ford EV drivers.

The four companies will need to roll out software updates to allow Tesla’s chargers to automatically recognize their vehicles for billing purposes.

(Tesla website and other sources on February 29, 2024)

Mar 01, 2024

On February 29, Ford Motor Co. opened the registration process for its EV owners to reserve a free NACS-compliant adapter allowing the use of more than 15,000 Tesla Superchargers across the U.S. and Canada.

Owners of 2021-24 Mustang Mach-Es and F-150 Lightnings can complete a short process online to receive one free adapter per vehicle through June 30. 

New customers who purchase a Ford EV during that period also would have to reserve a free adapter.

Once the reservation period closes, or if customers want more than one, the adapters will cost USD 230 each.

Ford Pro commercial customers will be contacted this spring by mail at the address registered with Ford Pro or via their Ford Pro account manager to order an adapter.

Ford EV customers are now the first of any non-Tesla owners to gain access to Tesla Superchargers across the U.S. and Canada.

The 15,000+ available Tesla Superchargers more than double customer access to DC fast charging on the BlueOval Charge Network. 

(Ford press release on February 29, 2024)

Feb 29, 2024

On February 29, multiple sources reported that the Business and Made in Italy minister shared that the government is in discussions with multiple car manufacturers, including Tesla. The initiative follows Tesla's setback in a local vote on its GigaBerlin extension plan, leading the company to explore expanding its European production in Italy.

During a parliamentary hearing, the industry minister emphasized the need for Italy to manufacture 1.3 million vehicles annually, comprising both passenger cars and vans, to safeguard its national auto industry.

Based on multiple sources