Plastic Injection molding

Jan 18, 2024

Freudenberg SE (Freudenberg) announced that Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has revealed a new thermoplastic called Quantix ULTRA that helps improve fire protection in EVs.

The material, processed through injection molding, can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Celsius without melting or igniting. With a glass transition temperature that is 53 Kelvin higher, it retains its rigidity and flame protection over a longer period.

It exhibits elastic behavior similar to elastomers and has lower density than metallic materials, which is ideal for lightweight construction in EVs.

The first series application is now underway, as a flame protection barrier for cooling system parts in an EV’s lithium-ion battery. As of February 2024, it will be used for the first time by a car manufacturer in series production vehicles.

In addition, this material can be used in other areas, such as enclosures for power supply units, media-carrying lines, cable insulation, battery housing covers, and components for electric motors. (From a press release dated January 17, 2024)

Jan 15, 2024

On January 12, LMG Manufacturing inaugurated its i-Force plant in Hoym/ Seeland, Germany, in venture between BMW and Jaya Hind Industries.

Its construction started in March 2023, LMG has set up a specialized process technology to combine aluminum die casting and plastic injection molding.

LMG Manufacturing GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of JHI International BV, which belongs to the Firodia Group of Companies from India. Located in East Germany, LMG Manufacturing GmbH, caters to electro mobility parts for its European customers.

Based on LMG Manufacturing's press release

Dec 27, 2023

Kautex Textron GmbH & Co., KG (Kautex) announced that it has developed a composite Cell-to-Pack (CTP) housing design under its Pentatonic product line.

The Pentatonic CTP system is developed from thermoplastic composites. It is a structural cell holder, eliminating the need for slow potting solutions. It enhances production process stability, reduces costs and production time, and simplifies end-of-life disassembly and recycling.

Kautex’s 80 kWh solution also improves cell positioning accuracy, reduces the risk of the system short circuiting or arching, while allowing functional integration of key factors, such as thermal runaway management, battery cooling, and electrical contact using compression and injection molding technologies.

Moreover, this solution offers a z-height maximum of 120 mm, up to 20% smaller than the standard Cell-to-Module housing design.

(From a press release dated December 26, 2023