TI Fluid Systems plc. (Formerly TI Automotive Limited)

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4650 Kingsgate Oxford OX4 2SU, UK

Business Overview

-The Company is a leading global manufacturer of fluid storage, carrying, and delivery systems primarily for light vehicles.

-The Company is organized into two operating divisions

Business Division Activities
Fluid Carrying Systems Develops and manufactures brakes, fuel lines and bundles, thermal management fluid systems, powertrain components and quick connectors
Fuel Tank and Delivery Systems Develops and manufactures plastic fuel tanks, filler pipes, pumps, modules and level sensors.


-The Company's shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Company held its IPO on October 25, 2017.


Fluid Carrying Systems
Brake, fuel lines and chassis bundles
-Double-wall steel tubing for fuel and brake lines
-Single-wall steel tubing for fuel and brake lines
-Multilayer nylon tubing
-Tank top lines
-ABS/ESP bundles
-Heated nylon lines for SCR systems
-Vacuum booster lines
-Brake and fuel bundles
-Exhaust treatment lines
-Quick connectors
-Sensor-integrated quick connectors

Powertrain products
-Gasoline direct injection lines and rails
-High-pressure diesel lines and rails
-Exhaust treatment tubes and pipes
-Engine oil feed and return lines
-Vacuum and ventilation tubes
-Heating and cooling lines
-Power steering tubes
-Transmission tubes
-Turbocharger cooling lines
-Engine oil screens
-Engine oil gauges
-Airbag tubes

Thermal products
-Air-conditioning tubes and hose assemblies
-Accumulators and receiver dryers
-Coaxial or tube-in-tube assemblies
-Heaters and radiator hoses
-Plastic thermal systems for lithium-ion battery packs
-Autonomous thermal plastic lines
-Chassis thermal plastic manifolds

Fuel Tank and Delivery Systems
Tank systems
-Plastic fuel tanks for gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel vehicles
-Plastic fuel tanks for low emission vehicles
-Plastic fuel tanks for Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV)
-Pressured fuel tank systems for hybrid vehicles
-Delivery and return components
-Plastic fuel filler tubes

Fluid delivery products
-Brushed and brushless pumps
-Dual-channel single stage pumps
-Fluid delivery modules
-Brushless fuel delivery module
-Electronic controls
-Contact-resistive, noncontact piezo and sealed level sensors
-Diesel additive dosing systems


1919 Established as Tube Investments Ltd. in Birmingham by the consolidation of four steel tube manufactures.
1982 Name was changed to TI Group
1988 Bundy Corp became a subsidiary of TI Group.
Apr. 1999 Walbro became under the control of TI Group. And TI Group integrated Walbro with Bundy and formed TI Automotive.
Dec. 2000 The Company, as well as its Group was merged into Smiths (then Smiths Industries) as Automotive Systems Division. 
Jul. 2001 The Company was spun off from Smiths and became an independent.
Jun. 2015 The Company was acquired by Bain Capital, a leading global private investment firm.
Feb. 2016 Acquired Millennium Industries Corporation, a U.S.-based producer of powertrain products for the automotive industry.
Oct. 2017 Successfully completed IPO under the name TI Fluid Systems plc, and thus enabled its shares to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Apr. 2016 Opened brake manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico.
Jun. 2016 Opened a third fuel tank systems production facility in Baoding, Hebei Province, China.
May 2019 Changed its corporate name from TI Automotive to TI Fluid Systems.
2021 Acquisition of 100% of Hanil Tube Corporation located at Korea.

Supplemental Information 1


1987 Armco Inc's European tubing business
Fulton (UK) from ITT (outstanding 49%)
1987 Bundy Corporation (USA)
1991 Huron Products Industries (USA)
1996 Technoflow Tube Systems (Germany)
Bundy Asia Pacific (outstanding 50%)
1998 S&H Fabricating and Engineering (USA)
1999 Kenmore Italiana (Italy)
Walbro Corporation (USA)
Marwal (outstanding 51%)
Creation of TI Group Automotive Systems
2000 TI Group merges with Smiths Industries to create Smiths Group plc.
2001 Creation of TI Automotive Ltd by demerger of automotive division from Smiths Group.
2003 Acquired Pierburg Fuel Pumps (Germany).
2007 Sold Industrial Group.
2007 Smiths sold its ordinary equity and preference shareholdings to a consortium of funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management LP and Duquesne Capital Management LLC.
2008 Moved the headquarters of its Global Fluid Carrying Systems division from Warren, Michigan, U.S., to Heidelberg, Germany.
2010 Acquired full ownership of Japan-based Mitsuba Walbro Inc. (MWI) by purchasing the remaining shares.
2016 Acquired Millennium Industries Corporation, a U.S.-based producer of powertrain products for the automotive industry.
2021 Acquired Hanil Tube Corporation

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