Tenneco Inc.

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27300 W. 11 Mile Road, Southfield, Michigan 48034, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a manufacturer which provides clean air, powertrain and ride performance systems and products for light vehicle, commercial truck, off-highway and other vehicle applications. It is among the global market leaders in each of its primary business segments.

-With the acquisition of Federal-Mogul in October 2018, the Company currently has four operating segments as follows:

  • Clean Air: The segment designs and manufactures products and systems to reduce pollution and improve engine performance, acoustics and reduce weight for vehicles. The segment was carried over from Clean Air segment in the legacy Tenneco entity.
  • Powertrain: The segment designs and manufactures powertrain products and systems for automotive, heavy duty and industrial applications. The segment was carried over from the Powertrain segment in the legacy Federal-Mogul entity.
  • Motorparts: The segment designs and manufactures a range of products for the global aftermarket. This segment consists of the Aftermarket segment from the legacy Tenneco entity combined with the aftermarket portion of the Motorparts segment from the legacy Federal-Mogul entity.
  • Performance Solutions: The segment designs manufactures systems focusing on reducing noise, vibration and harshness, as well as advanced suspension technologies, ride control and braking solutions, and systems protection. This segment consists of the Ride Performance segment from the legacy Tenneco entity combined with the original equipment portion of the Motorparts segment from the legacy Federal-Mogul entity.

-On February 23, 2022, the Company announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by funds managed by affiliates of Apollo in a cash transaction valuing approximately USD 7.1 billion. The transaction was completed on November 17, 2022, upon which time the Company was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange and became a private entity.


-Hitachi Astemo
-Yutaka Giken


-As of November 17, 2022, the Company is no longer listed on the New York Stock Exchange as it was acquired by funds managed by Apollo Global Management, Inc. affiliates. As such, the Company is currently a private entity. Its listing was with drawn from the Chicago Stock Exchange in July 2018.


Clean Air Systems

  • Braised tubular manifolds
  • Fabricated diesel manifolds
  • Fabricated high temperature manifolds (for gas engines)
  • Double-wall air gap insulated manifolds
  • Single-wall manifolds
  • Modular air gap insulated manifolds
  • Three-shell manifolds

-Manifold converters
-Catalytic converters
-Catalytic burners with secondary hydrocarbon dosing
-Three-way catalysts
-Four-way catalysts
-Diesel oxidation catalysts
-Closed-coupled catalysts
-Double swirl mixers
-Stairway mixers
-Rasp pipe mixers
-High efficiency urea mixers
-HP passive valves
-Heat exchangers
-Thermoelectric generators
-Cold start thermal units
-One-Box integrated waste heat recovery systems
-Exhaust heat recovery systems
-Diesel particulate filter systems
-Gasoline particulate filters
-Woven metal filters
-Cross-channel filters
-High frequency turbo decouplers
-DeNOx converter aftertreatment systems
-Full exhaust aftertreatment systems
-Aftertreatment control units
-Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems
-SCR systems integrating XNOx systems
-SCR-coated diesel particulate filters
-Alternative NOx reduction technologies
-Urea dosing systems
-Lean NOx traps
-Hydrocarbon vaporizers and injectors
-Hydroformed assemblies
-Cold end systems
-Elastomeric hangers and isolators
-Smart sound systems
-Electronically controlled exhaust valves
-Active electronic valves
-High-performance passive valves

  • Self-supporting mufflers
  • Lightweight mufflers
  • Ultra lightweight mufflers - SiC fiber muffler
  • Semi-Active Muffler
  • Spun mufflers
  • Shell mufflers
  • Lightweight mufflers with thin-wall pipes
  • Air gap pipes


Performance Solutions Systems
-Passive dampers
-Shock absorbers and struts
-Suspension systems/modules

  • Strut modules
  • Coil-over modules
  • Air spring modules
  • Damper modules
  • Full axle modules
  • Cabin damper modules

-Computerized Electronic Suspension (CES) and intelligent suspension systems

  • Manually adjustable electronic suspension
  • Adaptive electronic suspension
  • Semi-active electronic suspension
  • Anti-roll electronic suspension
  • Semi-active with anti-roll electronic suspension
  • Active electronic suspension

-Kinetic passive stability systems
-Coils and leaf springs
-Cab shock absorbers
-Seat shock absorbers
-Heavy duty truck and train shocks
-Top mounts
-Rubber-to-metal bushings and mountings
-Suspension arms, rods, and links
-Multi-tuneable valves
-Frequency dependent damping valves
-ComfortMax monotube dampers
-Position-sensitive twin system multi-stage hydraulic shock absorbers
-Integrated height internal valves
-Adjustable seat dampers
-Lightweight seat dampers
-Velocity progressive dampers
-Axle dampers
-NVH performance materials
-Protection sleeves for cables and tubes
-Acoustic shielding
-EMI/RFI shielding
-Heat and abrasion protection systems for cables and tubes
-Safety and crash protection for cables and tubes
-Flexible heat shields

-Aluminum and steel pistons
-Piston rings
-Piston pins
-Cylinder liners
-Engine valves
-Valve seats and guides
-Spark plugs
-Dynamic seals
-Bonded piston seals
-Combustion gaskets
-Exhaust gaskets
-Static gaskets and seals
-Rigid heat shields
-Engine bearings
-Industrial bearings
-Starter-generators for mild hybrid applications
-Electric superchargers
-Turbogenerator integrated exhaust gas energy recovery systems
-Bi-directional integrated motor-generators

Motorparts (Aftermarket components)
-Ball joints
-Tie rod ends
-Sway bar links
-Hub assemblies
-Anti-friction bearings
-Universal joints
-Shock absorbers
-Strut assemblies
-Bare struts
-Idler arms
-Pitman arms
-Control arms
-Brake disc pads
-Drum brake shoes
-Drum brake linings
-Coil springs
-Top mounts
-Wheel bearings
-Master cylinders
-Oil seals
-Engine bearings
-Cam shafts
-Valve lifters
-Oil pumps
-Catalytic converters
-Exhaust manifolds
-Exhaust pipes
-Oil filters
-Air filters
-Cabin filters
-Fuel filters
-Spark plugs
-Lighting capsules
-Miniature light bulbs
-LED lights
-Glow plugs
-Ignition coils


1940 Tennessee Gas and Transmission Company was founded.
1967 Acquired Walker Manufacturing Company.
1994-1996 Divested all businesses except for automotive and packaging division through public offerings, sales, spin-offs, and mergers.
1977 Acquired Monroe Auto Equipment Company and formed Tenneco Automotive with Walker and Monroe as its two operating divisions.
1999 Spun off Tenneco Packaging, Tenneco Automotive listed on New York Stock Exchange.
2000 Formed strategic alliance with Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd.
2001 Formed strategic alliance with Tokico Ltd. (Currently merged into Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.)
Oct. 2005 Renamed from Tenneco Automotive to Tenneco Inc.
2008 Acquired suspension business of Gruppo Marzocchi.
Jul. 2011 Dissolved alliance with Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
Sep. 2012 Announced that the company has opened its first manufacturing plant in Japan in Osaka and started production of emission control systems.
Sep. 2012 Announced that it intends to close its emission control plant in Vittaryd, Sweden.
Feb. 2013 Announced organizational changes that it has established a Clean Air division, which includes their emissions control businesses, and a Ride Performance division, comprised of its ride control businesses.
Sep. 2013 Announced its intention to close its ride performance plant in Gijon, Spain and decomplex its ride performance plant in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.
Oct. 2013 Announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Chakan near Pune, India. The Chakan facility is their sixth manufacturing location in India
Sep. 2014 Announced the opening of a new Clean Air research, development and manufacturing facility in China.
Aug. 2016 Announced the opening of a new Clean Air manufacturing plant in Lansing, Michigan, USA, to support General Motors and its crossover vehicle platform.
Aug. 2016 Announced plans to open a new Clean Air manufacturing plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, USA, to support programs for General Motors.
Sep. 2017 Broke ground on a USD 23 million customer center in Northville Township, Michigan.
Oct. 2018 Completed acquisition of Federal-Mogul, a leading supplier of powertrain and aftermarket vehicle components, for approximately USD 5.4 billion in total considerations.
Nov. 2018 Signed definitive agreement for the acquisition of Ohlins Racing, a Swedish premium suspension system and component manufacturer for approximately 160 million. The acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of 2019.
Jan. 2019 Completed acquisition of Ohlins Racing A.B., a Swedish company specializing in premium suspension systems and components for the automotive and motorsport markets.
Feb. 2019 Announced that the future spin-off company, consisting of the Company’s Ride Performance and Motorparts segments, would be called DRiV Incorporated. The Company originally intended to spin-off DRiV in the second half of 2019, but later delayed the spin-off to the middle of 2020.
Feb. 2022 Entered agreement to be acquired by Apollo Funds for USD 7.1 billion.
Nov. 2022 Funds managed by Apollo Global Management, Inc. affiliates completed acquisition of the Company for USD 7.1 billion.

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