Le Belier S.A.

Company Profile




Plantier de la Reine, BP 103 - 33240 Verac, France

Business Overview

-The Company is a specialized provider of cast aluminium safety-related parts for the automotive industry.


-Listed on Euronext Paris securities market


Braking systems
-Master cylinders

Engine boosting systems
-Turbo compressor housings
-Injection pumps
-Intake manifolds
-Air tank coolers
-Engine mountings

Chassis and suspension parts
-Steering knuckles
-Side members
-Electronic housings
-Front heads
-Steering columns


1961 Jacques Galland and Jack Pineaud found an aluminium and copper alloy shell mould casting plant in Verac to manufacture parts for the railway and electrical industries.
1961 Establishment of a sand-mould casting plant
1979 Construction of a new copper-aluminium casting facility
1981 Development of aluminium safety parts for the motor industry
1985 A quality division is set up
1988/91 The Company is named Best Supplier of 1990 by General Motors, and is certified ISO 9002 by BVQI and AFAQ.
1992/93 Creation of a squeeze-casting workshop for research and development into new processes.
1994 Majority stake-holder in the Hungarian foundry LBH, employing 400 people in Ajka, specializing in high-pressure die-casting
1996 Development of machining sector.
The Verac site is certified ISO 9001.
Acquired remainder of LBH, and on-site completion of a new gravity die-casting workshop to mass produce cored parts. The Ajka site is certified ISO 9002 and Valeo 1000.
1997 ISO 9001/ QS 9000 certification for Verac site.
Creation of a mechanical product development department in Bulgaria: Le Belier Bulgarie
1998 Creation of two new foreign subsidiaries
-the Italian subsidiary, BMP Manfredonia,
-the Chinese subsidiary, LBD.
1999 The Company is listed on the French Second Market.
2000 Creation of a new machining site at Szolnok in Hungary. This is a joint venture with the Italian group Vigel.
A new aluminium casting plant is created in Queretaro, Mexico.
2001 ISO/TS16949 certification for F A B (France) and LBI (Italy)
ISO 9002 AQS certification for LBD in China
2002 The percentage of participation in BVM goes from 60% to 78%
Re-organization of the foundry site in Hungary in Technical Units.
2003 Creation of a new company in Kikinda in Serbia (LBK), which is a joint venture with the Serbian state. The Belier Group has a 96.43% stake in the joint venture.
Production was launched in December 2003.
Take over of both FBMP and LBO.
2004 Purchase of a minority stake in BVM (Machining Hungary).
Purchase of a minority stake in LBK (Serbia).
Liquidation of FBMP (Italian holding company).
2006 Transfer of turbo production of Hungary to the plant in Serbia
Launch of semi-automated foundry production in China.
Production launch at two new machining plants in Mexico and Hungary.
2007 Transfer of Europe machining operations to Hungarian plant.
Reorganization of the Italian subsidiary.
2014 Acquired HDPCI Group, an automotive aluminum brakes manufacturer based in Hong Kong.

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