Topre Corporation Business Report FY2006

Business Highlights

Financial overview
In million JPY FY2005 FY2004 Rate of Change (%) Factors
Sales 88,929 81,695 +8.9 - Sales increased due to brisk domestic sales of newly launched vehicle models and the launch of commercial operations at plants overseas.
- Sales of non-press products also increased.
Operating income 6,953 6,444 +7.9 Automotive-related stamped parts:
For some products, productivity worsened due to an increase in depreciation costs and a discontinuation of operations at cooperative plants. This resulted in deteriorated profitability. In overseas markets, Topre America Corporation successfully launched new models, enabling it to operating in the black in the second year of its operations.
Ordinary income 8,008 6,891 +16.2 - The Company made a gain on loans made to overseas subsidiaries due to favorable currency translation.
Current net income 4,689 2,941 +59.4 -The Company's revenue increased based on the tax effect accounting methods.
Stamped products
Sales 49,691 43,663 +13.8

- Automotive-related business:
<Japan> A launch of major vehicle models in the first half of the fiscal year contributed to the sales increase. In the latter half, production of existing vehicle models decreased, but sales were up, thanks to an increase in orders for additional parts and prototypes.
<Overseas> Topre America Corporation was able to contribute to sales on a full-year basis from FY2005, thanks to the favorable launch of new-model vehicles by Japanese automakers.

Operating income 3,330 2,497 +33.4

Overseas Developments
The Company announced that it planned to significantly increase the production capacity at its U.S. plant. A total of 1.5 billion yen will be invested within this fiscal year to expand the plant so it can win more business from local manufacturers, mainly those from Japan. The plant started operations in August 2004, mainly producing stamping parts made of high tensile steel sheets. While annual sales of 4 billion yen were initially expected, sales last year were actually just a little below 5 billion yen for the nine-month, April-to-September period, as local demand was greater than expected. The Company will enhance the U.S. operations because it anticipates winning a greater number of supply agreements for new model vehicles to be launched by Japanese automakers. As a result, it plans to broaden its product mix with high-value added products such as composite stamping products made from resign and steel. Topre targets sales in the North American market for fiscal 2007 at 10 billion yen. (From an article in the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun on Feb. 24, 2006)


R&D Structure
R&D Headquarters: The Company is developing  and commercializing new products which make use of its core technologies.
The Divisions: All of the divisions are developing new products and technologies, with the idea of creating new features.

- R&D expenses amounted to 839 million yen in FY2005.

Stamped Products
The Company is developing high-strength body frame parts and collision safety components. Furthermore, it is developing technology on digital engineering by combining activities such as forming simulation, strength analysis, and 3D design, aiming to develop and launch high value-added products on the market in a short timeframe. 

Investment Activities

Overall capital investment in FY 2005 was 6,319million JPY, which was mainly spent on the press related product business.

The Company invested 5,754 million JPY in facilities for stamped parts business.
- 4,039 million JPY was invested in molds for automotive stamped parts.
- 1,695 million JPY was invested in consolidated subsidiaries, Topre Kyusyu and Topre America Corporation, mainly for manufacturing facilities to produce stamped components for automotive use.

New facility
Name Segment Type of facility Planned total investment
(000 JPY)
Start End Increased capacity upon completion
Sagamihara Office
Stamped product business Facility for molds used in making stamped, automotive parts 2,037,829 March 2006 March 2007 About the same
Hiroshima Office