Honda: Developing Honda CI, cooperative artificial intelligence

From a presentation at the ReVision Mobility Summit 2023



  At the ReVision Mobility Summit 2023 held in March 2023 (overall seminar theme "Designing the future of diverse mobility and urban development"), Mr. Yuji Yasui, Executive Chief Engineer, Innovative Research Excellence, Computer Science Domain, Honda R&D Co gave a presentation entitled "Using intelligent mobility for better travel and lifestyle".

  Mr. Yasui explained that there are two approaches to automated driving.

  • Mobility/delivery services: Aim to achieve Level 4 automated driving capability as quickly as possible using existing technology, high-definition (HD) maps, and infrastructure in limited areas, and to provide unmanned taxis, buses, and delivery vehicle services.
  • Personal-use self-driving vehicles: The driver aims towards where he/she wants to go, so the range of destinations cannot be set in advance as in mobility services. Therefore, the car must run automatically without relying on a map, which requires advanced technologies such as AI.

  Therefore, Honda is developing Honda CI (Cooperative Intelligence), a cooperative artificial intelligence. Honda CI is an AI that understands the intentions of the user, the environment, and the people around him or her, predicts their actions, and expresses its own intentions to the environment and people around it, enabling communication as if humans were communicating with each other.

  Specifically, Honda is developing CI automated driving, CI driver assistance, and CI micromobility technologies. Honda was the first automaker in the world to equip a production car with a Level 3 automated-driving system (i.e., Traffic Jam Pilot), and it will continue its efforts to advance CI automated driving. However, it will limit the level of automation to Level 3 and focus on strengthening its Ci-powered micromobility product portfolio and CI driver assistance technology to support safe and free mobility of people and goods in everyday short travels. CI driver assistance supports elderly and unskilled drivers to use their cars more safely and confidently. Honda CI Micro-mobility announced that it was starting to conduct technology demonstration testing in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture, in November 2022, with its ultra-compact mobility systems that support "easy mobility" and "easy walking”. The company is aiming to put the technology into practical application around 2030.


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