ReVision EV Summit 2023: Electric Powertrain Technology

BMW and Nissan's electrified vehicle technology; motor, inverter and battery trends



New BMW 7 Series BMW i7 xDrive60 drive unit
New BMW 7 Series BMW i7 xDrive60 drive unit (Source: BMW)

  The ReVision Electric Vehicle (EV) Summit 2023 (hosted by InBridges Corporation) was held on May 18, 2023 at Belle Salle Kudan Hall, Tokyo.

  The summit featured 12 presentations by speakers from research institutes, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), automakers, parts suppliers, engineering firms, and others, introducing trends in environmental policy, economic policy, and regulations toward carbon neutrality, as well as technical information and business model proposals related to EVs and electrification.

  This report introduces four of the presentations, which dealt with the technologies for electrified vehicles and their on-board components.

  The main topics of the sessions were as follows.

  1) "Sustainable Through Innovation", Mr. Lutz Rothhardt, Director, Development Japan, BMW Japan Corp.

  • BMW Initiatives (i3, i8, iX5 Hydrogen)
  • New 7 series BEV i7 and drive system
  • Next generation GEN6 battery cell and plant expansion

  2) "Nissan’s electric powertrain: The appeal it brings to the car and its evolution" by Mr. Naoki Nakata, Chief Powertrain Engineer, Powertrain & EV Engineering Division, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

  • Two pillars of electrification promotion (BEV, e-POWER) and commonization (key components, control technology)
  • Technologies for an exciting driving experience
  • Technologies to reduce potentially stressful noise and vibration

  3) "The necessary technology for EVs over the next 5 years according to analysis and investigation of vehicles and parts" by Mr. Kazuo Yajima, CEO, Blue Sky Technology Inc.

  • Motors, inverters, and battery after 5 years from now
  • Tesla's impact on cars after 5 years from now

  4) "Lithium-ion battery market trends and strategies moving forward" by Mr. Yutaka Sawada, General Manager, Corporate Planning, Envision AESC Japan Ltd.

  • Battery industry trends and battery supply chain issues
  • AESC initiatives, diversification of product lineup, and building a closed recycling loop


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